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I just want to ask the rest of the country if they have ever been yelled at, or hung up on by a doctor who is on call and suppose to care for his pts? I work @ a small community hospital, where... Read More

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    I wonder if some doctors realize that if they get sued, the nurses will be called to testify about their general demeanor and professionalism. I know of one doctor who lost his license because the nurses didn't like him. We live in a very litigous society and he just never figured this out. The lawyer for the case told me the best malpractice defense is to be a doctor or nurse that people like. The hardest cases to defend are the arrogant guys who have a lot of people who want them to get their commupance. Persuading a jury to find malpractice is apparently quite easy when it is clear that the people the doctor works with do not like or respect him. The lawyer told me that he had won cases against doctors when he had nothing more than an unprofessional or rude email. Watch what you say and write! Doctors need to pay attention to this too.

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    i work in a teaching facility, so a lot of my interaction is with residents. (especially on nights, they are the only doctors i tend to see face to face!) there are certain attending physicians we hate to call, but the patient does come first so we suck it up. i find it helpful to run into the clean room or accudose room and scream after getting off the phone with them. :angryfire
    anyway, back to the residents. i have a reputation in my department for befriending them. i don't do it intentionally. if they need help finding something, i'll help them (because i want them to help my patient and me) and i never let them leave without reading over their orders so i don't have to call back and clarify. they're usually very thankful for this, and we develop a positive relationship. then, when they order something nonsensical or try to talk down to another staff member, i can redirect them to their senses. i've known a resident to be very upset that he has to come to the floor (as he's expressed ove the phone) and then straighten up when he arrives and sees me!
    so my solution is to reduce the number of butt head doctors, by training the baby ones right. sadly, can't do much for the ones who've been that way for years...
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    Good common sense - I've seen nurses alienate residents and we ALL pay for it (especially the patient)... I believe in being helpful to all.
    Sometimes it is hard to do BUT!!!

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