Do you love your managers?

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    I was just curious if anyone loves their managers? What are ur managers doing right that others are not?

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    I love my manager. I have only been at my job for 8 months and am actually on my second manager. She is much better than the previous manager.

    I'm not sure what I love about her. I can go to her and say anything. She goes out of her way to accomodate staff and is a pure dream to work for. A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to work. My husband stayed home with my daughter to take her to the doctor and she couldn't go back to school the next day since she had to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school. I asked her if I could have the next day off and would work another day that week since they needed staffing. She let me do it. Granted I would've had to call off but this way I was giving them more notice and it worked out. I have never heard anyone say anything negative about her. Now my manager's manager is a whole different story but I won't go there. I took a weekend off (my weekend to work) after I had Lasik eye surgery and she never made me make up the weekend. Other managers would have made sure that the weekend was made up. Really, I could go on and on about her. There are several things that I wish I could change about how things run on my floor but as far as my manager goes she is a dream to work for and is trying to get things to run smoother but she's only been there for about 5 months.
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    Yes I do. She's supportive and stands up for her staff.
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    I may not love everything she does, but I know my manager will stand up for me. She is reliable and willing to help. I like that about her. She is one of the only managers in teh hospital you actually see doing pt care - she is always the charge RN for weekdays.

    My ANMs...well, they're okay. I mean, I don't hate them, but they're not nearly as reliable as my manager.
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    Positive things about my manager:
    She is extremely knowledgeable with extensive ER/ICU background.
    She is mostly available when we need her.
    She believes in continued education and always has a few things in the works.
    She holds monthly staff meetings without fail.
    She works very hard and is open for suggestions (most of the time).

    Things I dislike about my manager:
    She hires just about everyone that walks thru the doors.
    She is budget fixated. We are short most of the time and staff retention is a huge problem.
    She has to be notified when we have a pt go bad, no matter what time it is. We cannot transfer pt until she gives the ok. If we keep pt and they become a 1:1 we have to deal with it, even when we have 6pts. and no nursing asst at night.

    And, the #1 reason I dislike my manager:
    She has no problem discussing issues with a staff member in front of everyone. She does not bring them into her office. It has been reported, and we were told she has been lectured by Admin. about this issue and even sent to a workshop on how to talk to her staff (behind closed doors).
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    I complain so much about managment that I fear sometimes people do think I hate them. The truth is in 40 years about one out of four managment person I have met have been terrific. Two out of four have been so, so but acceptable. Then there has been that one in four that has been a nightmare. That has been so consistent over the years I guess that is just how things go in the normal world. I just recently had one of the best ever. She went somewhere else and the person who replaced her seems to be so-so. However, just about every manager comes of as so-so after this gal that just left. I just adored her but the important thing was that I respected her.
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    More often than not, I'd like to drive mine off a cliff. Some unit managers are great, just not mine.
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    Hey i love my managers as well i have of them a male and female and other female co workers who i like as well
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    I wish I can say yes, but the answer is NO! My nurse manager is very unprofessional and needs to be sent to management trainning. She talks about staffs private business to other staff members ( her favorite group). One just can't tell her their problem to request a day off or something. She calls the unit at 3am to gossip about other staff members. She has created a division among the staff members. I certainly do not like her
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    Rn LuLu....are you sure we don't have the same manager??!!:roll:roll:roll

    Positive things about my NM...
    1. The one thing she has actually taught me is how NOT to be a manager!!
    2. She is so disorganized that at times it is to our advantage ex. if I call off she forgets to write it in the call off log which means 1 less call off I am accountable for.

    Negative things .....
    1. I work brain injury rehab and we have pt staffing days which she attends.
    As a rule, she continually forgets to tell us important info that comes out of those meetings.
    2. NEVER,EVER helps with patient care. If a patient tells her they need to use the bathroom she comes to find one of "us".
    3. lacks communication skills and does not know how to professionally talk with family members. Have even had family members tell us this!!
    4.breaches staff's confidence on a DAILY basis
    5.continually screws up staff's paychecks ie...forgets to pay OT, Vac or sick time which means you have to wait till the next paycheck to get it corrected. a very dishonest person ie...will blame her own staff for a mistake that was completely her fault.
    7.walks right by our patients without taking that extra minute to say hello and how is your day today.
    8.tells "us" one story and her boss another story
    9. calls off or takes off at least once a week for things that would never be allowed for us.

    I think that's enough negatives for now....Can u guess what my answer is on whether or not I like my boss???:angryfire

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