Diversity.. at what price?

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    I am working in a large inner city facility. Corporate expounds the benefits of a diverse working culture.

    I understand the benefits of a large pool of talent. There is every nationality on Earth represented in this medical center.

    Recently, I took report from the recovery room. The nurse had such a thick accent , I had to ask her to spell some of the words she was saying. During the shift, I "worked" with a resident that was also very difficult to understand. He is also from a culture that expects women to walk 3 feet behind them. Needless to say.. the communication was difficult and time consuming.
    At the end of the shift, I gave report to a nurse from another culture, that had never heard of the procedure the patient had undergone. Another language barrier ensued as I tried to explain the case.

    I find it interesting that they can understand my mid-west American accent, but not vice-versa. The communication effort is time taking away from patient care.

    I have seen a Chinese nurse, trying to describe a (emergent) patient's condition, over the phone to an Indian doctor, with a nursing assistant yelling in the background trying to interpret for them.

    Is there a solution?
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    Quote from ohiostudent'RN
    Yes, exactly!
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    There are benefits and drawbacks to everything in life, including workplace diversity.
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    Quote from ohiostudent'RN
    Yup, I'll sit in the sidelines and watch this unfold...
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    All posts so far by newbies...Interesting.
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    In the words of the infamous Rodney King...."Can we all get along?"

    Thick accents are difficult to deal with, it is frustrating to not be able to communicate. I am somewhat hard of hearing from too much rock and roll, childhood illness, and old age. That can really interfere with my ability to communicate with co-workers and patients. In medicine it is important to communicate well.

    No solutions from me, just lets cut each other some slack, and try to all get along.
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    Quote from johwiklundRN
    Why would you respond with that ? Why bother even answering?
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