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Crazy Family Members and their input.

  1. 3 So, when I was working a brain injury unit in Balt., I had a younger pt. who had been attacked hit in the head. His uncle visited him often.

    One day, the uncle was complaining about the "ko ko" bird sound the went of every time the traffic light changed. Apparently it was right outside his downtown apt. window.

    He asked "What the heck do they hook that up for anyway, its goofy if you ask me?"

    I told him "Its for blind people so they know when the light is green/red."


    I couldnt resist, I told him the new hybrid cars have "autopilot".

    His response: "We could eliminate drunk driving with that. If you had a few, turn on the AP and let it take over. They shouldnt keep things like that for only the handicapped and the rich. I'm going to write a letter to my congressman"

    I told him not to mention me in the letter, it was against my religious beliefs to deal with the govt. Next day, he said he wrote the letter but didnt mention me and asked me "Are you satanic? Thats why you hide from the govt."

    I stopped there, never told him the whole truth, but didnt egg him on anymore either.

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    That's a good one!
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    You're sure the uncle didn't have a TBI as well? LOL! That's a good one!
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    Hehe, I like an old man.. hehe who would think .. drunk and AP hahah . I wish I could take picture of a congressman saying: " Ah my mama warned me that I have to deal with every sort of people . I want my mommy to cry... ))"
    By the way why would satanic hide themselves from the government?!! One more puzzle of an old man and sea!! LOL
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    omg i'm crying from laffing!!
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    That is one of the things that makes nursing interesting.
    We meet all sorts of people we would otherwise never meet in the office/cubicle environment.
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    Odd, very odd
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    I loved it,the poor guy,bit of a ko-ko bird himself