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Can a manager go on vacation with an employee?

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That entirely depends on the policies of the employer. Can a manager go on vacation with an employee? Probably, there's likely no written policy that specifically ays they can't.

Should the manager go on vacation with an employee? Maybe, maybe not. Depends entirely on the circumstances and the relationship between the two of them.  Would the manager and the employee being gone cause the workplace to be short-staffed? If so then not unless plans are in place for shift coverage.

If they are friends outside of work and have been for a long time, sure. If they are romantically involved or even might be then probably not. They definitely should not vacation together if the manager is the direct supervisor of the employee, most companies have policies against a manager and an employer they directly supervise having a relationship so this shouldn't be an issue unless the two involved have been breaking policy already, and that's a whole other issue than planning a vacation. 

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