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have you ever heard of anything like this? Monday I had to complete an incident report due to a med error. The error occured the eve before when me and my coworker were working intermediate ICU with a 12/2 ratio--4above... Read More

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    ...Minurse: I know how awful you feel....I would never have made the error if I hadn't been exhausted. His advocacy didn't make any difference in our staffing...

    I have no patience for these kinds of things. We have to advocate for ourselves & in these times its going to take a lot more than "talking". Min, You are to be commended for working so hard & being so prepared to present your case. But unless you have the legal backing of being unionized, the hospital does not have to listen or act based on your evidence & nothing can force them to. Nothing is ever going to change until nurses change it. The hospital has all the power & can do anything they want even if its as unfair as blaming the RN for failing in a system administration has set up to fail, unless you demand the right to share that power as an equal partner & make it legally binding. How much more are nurses going to put up with? Nurses complain & complain & give horror stories & tales of injustices against them yet the one thing that will stop this is something many of them wont even consider. I will never understand how people would rather live in these situations from facility to facility and state to state & not exercise their federal right to have a say what is being done to them. You can talk till youre blue in the face & it wont change a thing....until you talk with one loud COLLECTIVE voice - that is upheld by the law.
    Organize with an RN association & unionize yourselves against these continued abuses.
    What are you all waiting for???????

    "Feel the Fear - do it anyway."
    -susan jeffries

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