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University of Portland OR BSN 1994 University of Texas Houston Grad School of Nursing

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  1. Nurseprotect

    am I beyond hope?

    Debi, WELCOME! to this nasty trade. Debi, any nurse with half a brain cell can see that YOU are NOT the problem here. >> YOUR BOSS is the problem - NOT you! YOUR BOSS is the problem - NOT you! YOUR BOSS is the problem - NOT you! ...
  2. Nurseprotect

    state is threatening to go after license over precharting

    >> Exactly. >> If the manager "counsels" you for OT charting, they are stealing money from you for your time worked, and they are orderdering you to violate the nurse practice act - now try to report them for this and see what ha...
  3. Nurseprotect

    How many nurses here have their license currently suspended?

    My response is based on several years of assisting nurses with board of nursing complaints through Nurseprotect. >> Chad, offense taken - but you are typical of MOST nurses on the planet when it comes to a complaint against a colleague's...
  4. Nurseprotect

    ainz and sjoe Any suggestions

    I understand the concept of joining your State Nurses Association (and the ANA) with the plan of encouraging other staff nurses to join and become a majority within the membership. I attempted this in Arizona with the Arizona Nurses Association (A...
  5. Nurseprotect

    sorting it all out.

    Been there and do that all the time in Intensive Care. I label all of the lines with color specific tape-I write the substance infusing and place it at the end of the tubing closest to the patient. Then I place a piece of the same colored tape nea...
  6. Nurseprotect

    Calif Nurses Assoc. ??

  7. Nurseprotect

    Nurse Employment

    Maikranz, Yes I have heard of whistleblower laws. Let me tell you about using them in Texas, or probably any state as a nurse. Have you heard the term BLACKBALLED and UNEMPLOYABLE and LEGAL FEES? I was going to pursue Memorial City Hospital in H...
  8. Nurseprotect

    Cover Your Rear

    I appreciate the genuine intent to be supportive of nurses in this post but the final sentence is not good enough. This is our colleague-now tell me that you have never written an order "knowing" that Dr X would sign it because that is what she alwa...
  9. Nurseprotect

    Cover Your Rear

    If at all possible, please refer the nurse described on this post to Nurseprotect-she needs support and to know that there are still nurses willing to protect the rights of our colleagues and ourselves. Revocation of a license seems harsh. If the p...
  10. Nurseprotect

    co-worker fired due to me

    I will begin by quoting the book "Medication Errors...Causes, Prevention, and Risk Management" written by Michael R. Cohen, MS, FASHP President of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania ismpinfo@ismp.org "...
  11. Nurseprotect

    What Is This Career Choice Becoming?

    For the record, Texas has been the absolute WORST state for nursing practice in my professional experience. I just left there (for a second and final time) in July 2000. It is not great for nurses anywhere that I am aware of but Texas is "real spec...
  12. Nurseprotect

    Drug errors

    In the ICU I work in, we also give potassium peripherally via litre bags of maintenance fluid, such as 0.9% saline. We may use 20 - 60 mmol (is that the same as your milliequivalents?). The error that I made is that I put up a bag of 50ml 0.9% sali...
  13. Nurseprotect

    emergency dept staffing with paramedics/emts

    In July 2000 I was working with an EMT in an ER in Houston Texas. Although they are not allowed to assess and triage patients I know this was probably occurring-I was working as an agency nurse at this Hospital. I was quickly preparing a "hot appy"...
  14. Nurseprotect

    Drug errors

    JULY 16, 2000 Anthonymarc, Are you really a Nurse? and if you are do you practice in direct bedside care, administering medications to real live patients? Your comments are those of someone who fails to realize their potential for error as a ...
  15. Nurseprotect

    Nurse Employment

    July 16, 2000 I have worked in several states. TEXAS IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE ABSOLUTE WORST STATE IN WHICH I HAVE WORKED WHEN IT COMES TO NURSING. I am leaving this state in the morning. Last week was the last straw during one of the most danger...