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minurse has 22 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER, MED, SURG, TELE, HOME HEALTH.

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  1. As a Katrina volunteer, I found that the local law enforcement in SE LA kept us all safe and sound. We did have attempts from some to have refills of narcotics (we just said NO) We did have many that saved seemingly trivial items and not "important" ...
  2. Return from relief duty

    Hello all. Just thought I would start a new thread to let everyone know how thankful I am that I was able to spend a week in LA helping with medical relief efforts. Thanks to the help of "glascow" (here on these message boards) I spent a week in Jenn...
  3. Non-licensure states

    TheKing is absolutely correct- not all states require a license. MI is non- licensure state. You only need to hang you shingle out on the porch. However, if you expect to provide care to Medicare clients and bill Medicare, you must be ceritified by C...
  4. what programs for feild Oasis?

    there are many programs that do point of service charting, the problem is the cost. try a search at NAHHC, or google it. The last agency I worked with had a system with the acronym GLMY- great lakes..... Sorry, I'm in private duty and we don't do OAS...
  5. Why Is There A Shortage?

    My theory deals with management. check out http://www.laurenbrasile.com for more details.
  6. What did SANTA bring YOU this year????

    Everything on my list, perfume, sewing machine, jewlry, gloves and a hat and low carb candy in the stocking!!!:chuckle
  7. Have you ever taken care of a celebrity?

    I have taken care of many celebrities. Country music's queens and kings, members of Saudi royal families, and local celebs.
  8. MedSurg or Subacute/LTC???

    Nursing is what you make of it. I have done it all. NH as a tech while in college, med/surg/onc, er, icu, home health. I am now back in NH as a supervisor. You dont have to loose anything, there is always PRN work available if youre worried about spe...
  9. critical care nurse liaison

    Jenny the medical staff is fit to be tied. they feel that they have been left outside in the rain. the intensivist said to me last week," I guess soon it will be me and you." they have tried to close bed to 4 but as soon as there is a bad post op or ...
  10. critical care nurse liaison

    Hey guys. I need some outside input. first some background: I work in a midsized teaching facility with a 10 bed ICU and 16 bed IICU. DON started 1st of year. Critical care manager 4 months ago. I have been here 2 1/2 years and have seniority in the...
  11. aquity system

    I'm looking for a quick aquity system for our ICU. We are currently using a method called "VanSlick" wich involves a page of checklists to determine the aquity. It is difficult to use at best. Any suggestions????
  12. MSDS Sheets

    actually everthing is a "hazardous chemical." Even alcohol prep pads and other seemingly odd items. All cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, pretty much everthing. usually there is a number or address on bottles which will get you there MSDS sheets.
  13. Statins causing strokes?

    We had 7 BAYCOL induced rhabdo. cases since last summer, three resulted in death.
  14. Virginia Town's OxyContin Buyers to Be Fingerprinted

    has anyone experienced a death in the hospital using this drug? I know for a fact that it has been crushed and given down PEG tubes in the hospital I work. I have copied the articles here and will present them in the morning to pharmacy and unit mana...
  15. Closed nursing unit

    We have a closed unit---on paper--- when the need arises nurses float in and out--apparenty nobody reads! BTW we are ICU/IICU.