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minurse has 22 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER, MED, SURG, TELE, HOME HEALTH.

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  1. minurse

    What did SANTA bring YOU this year????

    Everything on my list, perfume, sewing machine, jewlry, gloves and a hat and low carb candy in the stocking!!!:chuckle
  2. minurse

    Have you ever taken care of a celebrity?

    I have taken care of many celebrities. Country music's queens and kings, members of Saudi royal families, and local celebs.
  3. minurse

    MedSurg or Subacute/LTC???

    Nursing is what you make of it. I have done it all. NH as a tech while in college, med/surg/onc, er, icu, home health. I am now back in NH as a supervisor. You dont have to loose anything, there is always PRN work available if youre worried about specific skills being lost, ie., IV starts.
  4. minurse

    critical care nurse liaison

    Jenny the medical staff is fit to be tied. they feel that they have been left outside in the rain. the intensivist said to me last week," I guess soon it will be me and you." they have tried to close bed to 4 but as soon as there is a bad post op or trauma they open another bed, so now there are 6 open. the nurses that left were contacted by the CEO last week. he had honest discussions with each of them. They will not return with current unit management in place. However, we don't see current management going anywhere anytime soon. as liaison I am working with the staff as a team I will not be the scapegoat. I am not going to any meetings without witness. tonight we had a task force meeting and I have recorded a problem statement and solution for the most pressing issue. I will be meeting soon with the senior management. several other nurses are looking for other employment. I will be checking this forum for all your words of wisdom and would like to keep this thread open. thanks for your help.
  5. minurse

    critical care nurse liaison

    Hey guys. I need some outside input. first some background: I work in a midsized teaching facility with a 10 bed ICU and 16 bed IICU. DON started 1st of year. Critical care manager 4 months ago. I have been here 2 1/2 years and have seniority in the IICU day staff. Many new grads. ( 6). We have had a mass exit from the ICU. None of the contigent staff have signed the new contracts ( they ask for an extra weekend shift per month and a third holiday for year ) . All regular staff in the ICU on 7p-7a shift have left. NONE AT ALL LEFT. we have been staffing with agency. 2 1/2 weeks ago the manager mandated biweekly swing shifts for the remaining 6 ICU nurses. as you can expect, i hear of more resignations. 2 weeks ago senior management felt that a Critical Care Liaison would help and I was selected. I am comitted to trying to make things better but at this point have few ideas. I am chairing a task force made up of staff nurses and an administrative rep. We have brainstormed about things that may improve conditions but short of hiring a full staff and getting rid of current management, don't really feel there are many alternatives. I am meeting with senior management ( DON and VP Medical Affairs ) weekly but havent had anything accomplished yet. Tonight is my second task force meeting- i will be reviewing with staff the answers management has given so far but they are unsatisfactory. Management wants the remaining 6 ICU nurses to cover the unit ( no only open to 4-6 patients) with 2 regular staff on each shift. impossible. many have children starting school soon and will not work a night shift at all. The IICU staff is unfamiliar with swanz and icp monitoring-- otherwise we take all the same patients. IICU staff are being mandated to attend an ICU education session over the next 12 weeks and there are fears that, without precepting, will be pulled to cover the unit . I have made these issues known to managment and the assure that is not the case but, history is on our side. well enough - input please????
  6. minurse

    MSDS Sheets

    actually everthing is a "hazardous chemical." Even alcohol prep pads and other seemingly odd items. All cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, pretty much everthing. usually there is a number or address on bottles which will get you there MSDS sheets.
  7. minurse

    Statins causing strokes?

    We had 7 BAYCOL induced rhabdo. cases since last summer, three resulted in death.
  8. minurse

    Virginia Town's OxyContin Buyers to Be Fingerprinted

    has anyone experienced a death in the hospital using this drug? I know for a fact that it has been crushed and given down PEG tubes in the hospital I work. I have copied the articles here and will present them in the morning to pharmacy and unit manager and staff nurses working. I THINK WE HAD A DEATH.
  9. minurse

    Closed nursing unit

    We have a closed unit---on paper--- when the need arises nurses float in and out--apparenty nobody reads! BTW we are ICU/IICU.
  10. minurse

    Just do it?

    I agree with mustangsheba. Nursing is unique in that there are sooo many different types. You will usually find something that fits you like a glove. and you'll know it when you find it.
  11. minurse

    meeting with medical director

    well I assumed I would get 15-30 minutes of time but the CHIEF met with us for 2 hours:eek: the unit manager came into the meeting about thirty minutes after it started and quickly became her defensive self. I'm not sure that we came to any conclusions but we did get the CHIEF to realize that staff are concerned with the director's leadership ability and the safety of the patients we are caring for. He was willing to listen and use any ideas that we can come up with. He is willing to continue to meet with us on a regular basis. I did get his e-mail address so that I can get communications to him without interruption.
  12. minurse

    meeting with medical director

    Thanks guys for your responses to my other thread "railroaded by management". Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. At three p.m. the manager-on her way home- decided to send an agency nurse home 4hours early and that the three of us left could pick up his patients. An assessment of acuity (her walking down the hall looking in rooms) didn't warrent another nurse!!! A check of the actual acuities the staff had charted (by me) revealed one six, five fives, three fours, and two threes, with two more fives booked as transfers from ICU and of course the ER calling with over-flow. now where I work the highest acuity is 7 and nearly impossible to achieve-most (99%) of the ICU is a five or six and the ratio is 1:2 I filled out the "assignment against objection" form found at the Florence Project and notified the nursing supervisor and resident. The "Charge Nurse" of the floor was called by the manager and told that she would have to accept the care of the ER patients and perform all the other duties on her plate and she flipped. She called the medical director-CHIEF- and requested a meeting in the morning. so--I'll be there tomorrow making a point and I called the ICU medical director and he will attend. hopefully we can get these issues resolved.
  13. minurse

    being railroaded by management

    so, here's the situation. 16 bed intermediate intensive care unit with 5 of those hard-wired beds usually occupied by ICU patients-fresh vents, drips, art lines, etc. --all tele. monitored-----high aquity--you get the picture. In the last 3 weeks several highly paid executives got the axe- including VP of nursing--an IICU ally. Now the manager has made a blanket statement that 4 nurses per shift irregardless. and she's not about to budge, and we have no-one to complain to that will get us immediate attention to this issue. what do we do? give me some ideas you guys? we are providing substandard care at best, negligence at worst, standards of care are obsolete, next- patients will suffer. I'm the most experience nurse at 15 years and they have hired 9 GN's that are now interning! the staff looks to me as a solution provider, but I'm not sure where to start on this one. P.S. the manager is a nim-whitt---first time managing
  14. Thought i'd share what our vp of nursing services had to say about this ruling in a memo dated June 5....."Several years ago the registered nurse staff at XXX Medical Center elected the UAW as their rep. The US supreme court recently resolved an issue concerning staff nurses and charge nurses affecting this election. In their decision, the court determined the NLRB was wrong in suggesting staff nurses and charge nurses to be one of the same. As a result of this court decision, the election result will soon be null and void. As such registered staff nurses will no longer be represented by the UAW. As many of you are aware, significant positive changes have been taking place within the nursing department over these years. Today, nursing at XXX Medical Center continues to be committed to working with you in a professional environment by recognizing your needs and by striving, with your support, to create a positive work environment for those we serve...." I get a whole "na na boo boo" tone from the memo and so do the other nurses I work with. The entire rest of the hospital is union.
  15. minurse

    What age do you plan to retire?

    MOM is a nurse in a max. security prison at 68. I don't think she'll ever retire. She even works tons of OT...
  16. minurse

    Another staff sleeping problem.

    greg,I hope this is hyothetical. Otherwise, immediate treatment of patient and immediate removal of staff member.