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Today I was in charge of handing out ribbons and trinkets to all of our certified nurses on the unit for Certified Nurses Day. It felt awkward to "skip over" RN's who were not specialty certified so I tried to do it as... Read More

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    Blows me away that people would feel slighted for not getting a reward even though they did not, by choice, fulfill the parameters for being rewarded. Sounds petty to me. Be proud of those co-workers who have earned some distinction!
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    Our hospital had a reception from noon-2pm. Because, of course, nobody on nights would be certified..........
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    Quote from marycarney
    Our hospital had a reception from noon-2pm. Because, of course, nobody on nights would be certified..........
    I second that!!!!!
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    Aw, OP is no big deal. I wouldn't be offended. Why would I be if I didn't earn any certs???
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    No one EVER sends me a Mother's Day card......waaaahhhh I'm offended!!!

    Have we turned into such socialists that anyone who stands above the crowd must be mowed down to size????
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    Thank you all for the very thoughtful comments for me to put things into perspective. I needed to look at it differently I guess.

    However, a few comments were a little over the top so let me clarify that no one was having an emotional meltdown over it by any means.

    In fact I got no reaction whatsoever by the non certified nurses. My thread was more about how I was feeling after my shift last night, not how they reacted. Every nurse deals with far bigger issues on their units than the topic of this thread, it was just an uneasy feeling I had after work last night.

    To further clarify, my unit is almost all certified, more than 90%. Only a few of us are not certified so that contributed to my feeling that they were singled out and excluded.

    Of those not certified, only one that I know of has never attempted it. The others have attempted it and been unsuccessful, some multiple times so it's not as if they are not trying to get there.

    As far as Nurses Week goes, I totally agree. My hospital does the same thing. It's not about the nurses at all when ancillary, housekeeping, etc. are all lined up for the same free meals, cake, prizes, etc. that were supposed to be in celebration of Nurses Week.

    Thanks again for helping me put things into perspective.
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    We all know whom is certified and who isn't. It is their choice not to be. We got a card to our coffee place.
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    I never heard of Certified Nurses' Day. Since I hold two certifications I think I'll have a party for myself since my employer didn't do anything.
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    There was a big sign with all of the names of nurses in our entire hospital who had certifications on CND. To be honest I was surprised at how few people had certifications; it seemed like mostly the charge nurses in my department. And it also lit a little spark in me, to think how cool it would be to have MY name on that list. So I would continue to celebrate it openly, because it encourages further education!
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    You don't have to be so sensitive about giving out ribbons only to certified nurses, it's not like nurses like each other anyway. I say separate nurses as far and as wide as one can, so they don't continue to hurt each other. You never see any other group of people who are suppose to be so caring carry so much hate for one another. Who started this anyway?

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