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I'll start out by saying I'm a pretty open-minded person, but there are many things I do not and will not ever understand. There's a small part of me that thinks I might have been born in the wrong place and time because I just... Read More

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    To the OP, well said.

    This kind of thing not limited to many threads I happened to read for references, but also happens in real nursing works situation. My simple thought is nurses by their work, facing so many cases that by "caring" principles suppose to having better judgement in seeing differences if compared to any other profession. Caring principles is best approach to making thoughtful opinions in every discussion regardless being agree or disagree with ones opinions. Feel very sad knowing bio-psycho-sosio-spiritual aspects are very much left as part of textbook to read in the class.

    Humanly, I've been expressing some disagreements in clearly wrong way, and it left me feel guilty for the rest of the day. Saying things that put others in uncomfortableness is something that is in the contrary to most nursing outcomes applied to the patients.
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