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  1. MusicalCoffee

    Will I be in over my head? Advice please!

    So many people have accomplished seemingly impossible goals by sheer determination. The will to succeed can be a strong determining factor, and for some the most important. It sounds as though everything you have achieved thus far has been because you wanted it badly enough and worked hard. You study and ask for help when you need it, and that's half the battle. I don't believe you'll fail because you wont let yourself fail. You are truly inspiring, and I wish you the best of luck.
  2. MusicalCoffee

    Excessive Excitement

    It started about a year ago when I realized nursing was my calling, and has gotten progressively worse. At first it was more of a relief that I had finally found my place. Now that I knew where I was going, I could go ahead and start gettin' there. Then I was accepted into my nursing school and it just snowballed from there. I went to orientation, set up a financial aid plan, made it through my first week of prerequisites, and I'm still going strong! I look forward to going to school every day, and in fact, wish I had longer classes (cue everyone looking at me like I've done lost my mind). I'm one good bounce away from duct taping myself to my seats. I can hardly contain my joy, and it shows. I'm pretty sure all of my professors think I'm slightly psychotic because every time they glance at me, I'm staring at them with this grin from God on my face. Seriously, I'd be more than a little freaked out and uncomfortable if I had to teach a class with a steadfast starer smiling at me. I can only imagine (and cringe) at what they're thinking. I'm working on controlling myself going into our second week, but no progress has been made as of yet. So my curiosity has gotten the best of me. Has anyone else been so excited about nursing school and their future profession that people are starting to think you're downright weird?
  3. MusicalCoffee

    *Dancing for joy*

    Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best.
  4. MusicalCoffee

    Special Thank You to Teachers Everywhere

    Thank you, I appreciate the positive words. I, too, hope it finds it's way into the hands of those individuals.
  5. MusicalCoffee

    What motivates you to keep going?

    I am the first in my family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, to go to college. My dream is to become the best nurse I can be so as to provide the best care possible. That's all the motivation I need.
  6. MusicalCoffee

    Special Thank You to Teachers Everywhere

    We've all had that one teacher, or more, that left their mark with us. Whether they went above and beyond to make sure you knew what you were doing or just provided a listening ear when you needed it, you'll never forget them. Often times, the people that influence and affect our lives the most never know it. We take them for granted and assume our appreciation is known. Some of us even find it unnecessary. After all, they are teachers, it's their job--right? Most of us are too busy resenting their existance while slaving over that 10 page paper or challenging care plan. It's hard to fully appreciate the value of a great teacher until you've had some duds. There are those who couldn't care less about the student, but found the perk of having summers off too good to pass up. It's a shame, and our children, as well as adults for those continuing their education later on, are the ones who suffer. In grammar school, I had a teacher call me stupid. I was never good at math, and when it decided to start involving the alphabet, forget about it. That didn't stop me from trying, mind you. I would always ask questions, but that would frustrate the teachers until they stopped answering me, believing I was just trying to waste time. "You can't be that dumb"--and so, I started believing I was. I was defeated and figured I must be too stupid to help when even the teachers give up trying. It is quite possibly one of the most embarrassing feelings in the world. Then I got bit by the nursing bug. You know the one I'm talking about. You realize it's the perfect career for you, though stressful and demanding. So I applied and was accepted into nursing school, the first of my prerequisites being College Algebra. I was terrified and so sick with anxiety my first day of class, I probably looked as if I was entering a medieval tourture chamber. I imagined myself being the only idiot who failed and would therefore flunk out of nursing school, effectively crushing my dream of becoming a nurse. After all, a nurse needs to know math very well, and I was thinking I was going to fail before I even began. Enter my professor. We'll call him Mr. C. While I sat there, utterly discouraged and intimidated, Mr. C started talking about the class, assignments, expectations, you know, the usual first day spiel. It was then that I realized he couldn't possibly be my math professor. He had to be a motivational speaker of some sort, who lost his way and ended up in this classroom. He explained that he struggled with math while he was in school and needed to study more than his classmates in order to grasp the material. If he could do it, so could we. He was there for us and we could ask as many questions as we needed, and he would work with us until we understood it. As for tests, he would review them with us so we knew where we went wrong and could then retake it to get a better grade. There are no stupid students in his class. I had tears in my eyes because for the first time, I felt a surge of hope and confidence. Yes, I could do this. Yes, I could succeed. I was not a lost cause or stupid any longer, and in fact, I never was. Tomorrow will only be the start of my second week, but thus far, I have scored 100% on all of my assignments. I have NEVER done so well, nor understood what I was doing as much as I do now. I'm not afraid to ask him a question if I don't understand a problem, or to keep asking him to explain it when I still don't get it. He doesn't judge me or throw up his hands in frustration, rather he chooses another way of explaining it, and I learn. I'm not just learning math, I'm learning that he was right, I'm not stupid. I can pass and do well throughout my courses, disproving everyone who has said otherwise. That means more to me than words can say. When I pass this class, not if, but when, I'm going to sit down with Mr. C and make sure he knows just how much I appreciate his dedication and genuine caring attitude. We should all thank our teachers, not just those in the classroom, but anyone who chose to take the time and teach us or show us something we didn't know or were struggling with. They are so often over looked and taken for granted. Brushed aside in our haste to move up and on. If someone touches your life, makes it better, helps you, it doesn't take much to offer a heartfelt thank you. To let them know just how much of a difference they made, if only for one person, because in the end, it matters. So thank you. Not just Mr. C, but every teacher who has made a difference in a child's, student's, or adult's life. For guiding them as they find their way, for showing them their hidden abilities, for helping them succeed and reach their dreams. Thank you.
  7. MusicalCoffee

    The "Differently Abled" Nurse Speaks

    I've recently started nursing school after 2 years of online classes for a psych degree. I took online classes because of my "differently abledness". It was very difficult for me to go through a school day and interact with large groups of my peers in a way that wasn't deemed socially awkward. I've since become much more comfortable and confident in myself and am pleased as punch to be in school and learning. This is not to say I'm all better, in fact, I'll live and work with being different the rest of my life. However, I do the best I can with what I have and never use it as an excuse otherwise. I work my behind off, and it's sad and somewhat frustrating that some people only see someone with a "disability", rather than someone who brings something different or extra to the table. It wont stop us, though. We're all awesome the way we are, and we'll keep doing our best despite what anyone else has to say about it. :)
  8. MusicalCoffee

    Heads up to all nursing students, from recent grad.....

    This does sound discouraging. Before I entered nursing school, all I heard about was the desperate need for nurses. Now it seems all I hear is how many graduated nurses can't find work. While I still have quite some time until I graduate, it scares me.
  9. MusicalCoffee

    Textbook or ebook......

    I prefer textbooks. I took a few online classes that had ebooks and I absolutely hated it. It was much more difficult for me to reference when I had to answer discussion questions, as well as papers. I like holding an actual book, highlighting, and marking pages as needed. While ebooks are definitely more convenient and easier on the back, it's just my personal preference. As far as where to order them, I have no advice for that as I've ordered all of my books thus far through my school bookstore.