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by Ruby Vee

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Things I'd like to say to patients (or their families) and get away with: "I'm so sorry no one told you that drinking a liter of hard liquor a day could cause heart problems. This must be a complete shock to you, having... Read More

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    Quote from Christy1019
    I wasn't sure if that was a rhetorical question or not, but if it wasn't, diabetic neuropathy is pretty painful. If it was rhetorical then I get what you mean, not every diabetic has neuropathy, nor do they all need to eat every 2hrs like I've heard them claim lol.
    It was rhetorical in this case. To be fair he COULD be having pain from a number of things, neuropathy, phantom pains from his amputated legs etc.

    If he IS having that much pain, 10/10 pain 24/7 despite high doses of narcotics Q2 hours, it is still hard for me to deal with it considering he has bullied every single doctor, nurse, and supervisor at my hospital to accommodate slowly killing himself. There is no such thing as a 3,000 calorie ADA diet, but guess who got it ordered for them?
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    Quote from LadyFree28

    Never had to hold an able bodied penis, even with SCI pts, unless absolutely necessary...if you move your arms and fingers, assume the position!
    The requests ALWAYS end once you find a male staff member to answer their call bell for those requests. Suddenly IT'S A MIRACLE!!! THEY CAN USE THEIR HANDS AGAIN!!!
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    Any breed of dog can be a service dog.
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    However, they should be legit. Anyone can order a "special" vest to cheat getting the dog going everywhere with them.
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    I'm sorry I can't provide you with the meal you would like. Unfortunately this is not a hotel, or a B&B,

    Oh wait---I have said that!
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    I liked all of these, but wanted to point out that pit bulls can be service dogs, though it wouldn't surprise me if the guy you mentioned was lying.
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    We were told it was a violation of ADA to question if people told us their dog was a service dog...was that blowing smoke up you know where?