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Biting Your Tongue - page 6

Things I'd like to say to patients (or their families) and get away with: "I'm so sorry no one told you that drinking a liter of hard liquor a day could cause heart problems. This must be a... Read More

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    I've found that the patients who are given to "firing" nurses are usually ones I'd LOVE to be fired by. (With apologies to the grammar police.)
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    Oh,right!!I love when visitors approach the desk at the LTC because they "can't find" their loved one.It's generally 50/50 that they walked right past them on the way to the desk or did not bother to go down the hall to look for them.I no longer jump up to go looking for them...Not when I am in the middle of printing the paperwork for a 911 transfer...or anything else.Unless they are 110 and walking with canes or a walker.
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    Quote from wooh
    The requests ALWAYS end once you find a male staff member to answer their call bell for those requests. Suddenly IT'S A MIRACLE!!! THEY CAN USE THEIR HANDS AGAIN!!!
    Or come at them with a sharp looking pair of forceps to lift it into the urinal

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    District nursing scenario, helping a spinal patient with their shower. Had to be there because patient was in an aspen CTO and had to shower in it and the pads needed to be changed following shower

    Patient A "you are late, you were supposed to be here at 1000, now I'm going to finish off my breakfast because you guys screwed me around

    What I wanted to say "patient A, mistakes happen. And I realise no one is as important as you, let me tell you about my day. I've just come from a patient who has been dying slowly and painfully for the last five days. No one can understand how they are keeping on going given that they havent had oral fluids for four days. After I see you I'm going back into town to see a patient with a large fungating wound on their face and as a result their ear and other parts of their face are coming away. They are also dying and in intense pain that we dont seem to be able to get under control. So, let me put your problems into perspective"

    What I said was "I'll just do some work on my laptop, let me know when you are ready for me"

    This one was a precious snow flake who didnt seem to understand that while her needs were important to her, in the grand scheme of things, they were a fairly low priority
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    I told a 17 year-old who exaggeratedly shied away from a 25ga. 1/2 inch needle not to get pregnant because I didn't think she'd survive.

    (Usually my filter is intact, but this was day 1 s/p two teeth extraction that I did not plan to have the day before working, so I had low tolerance for bologna that day)
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    But we have right to request dog's vaccination record before allowing dog in. If records not in hand, and not up to date, we have right to say NO to any dog, even if animal is 100% legit. (Chronic dialysis, per policy)
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    "Are you aware that Medicaid pays for me?" to the anti-Medicaid parents of my peds clients.
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    Quote from mari-RN
    But we have right to request dog's vaccination record before allowing dog in. If records not in hand, and not up to date, we have right to say NO to any dog, even if animal is 100% legit. (Chronic dialysis, per policy)
    HUH? How does this relate?
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    ^^ I'm just as confused!
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    My sister, who has almost no tongue left after biting it all the time, says she's going out in a blaze of glory.
    When she's old enough or rich enough to retire, she's going to say all the things she's not supposed to say.
    She's going to argue and yell at the customer. She's going to make security drag her out of the building, the whole time yelling all the things that have been bottled up for decades. Her capacity for silence is less and less. The looming eruption nearer and nearer. I just wish I could have a front row seat for the performance. But these things aren't usually planned, they just boil over on their own.
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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    I've found that the patients who are given to "firing" nurses are usually ones I'd LOVE to be fired by. (With apologies to the grammar police.)
    Too true I started one of my shifts as I always do, start the head to toe assessment, and the female began yelling at me as to what was I doing, etc. "A head to toe assessment to ensure your skin is still intact and there are no issues that need to be addressed." "No one else does that." Yada, yada, yada. "It is your right to refuse." It is my right to chart your refusal. Are you refusing the assessment portion of my care at this time?" Blah, blah, blah from the patient. Me, "As you wish." And then she asked for the charge nurse. I acquiesced and left the room.
    Charge comes out and says, "What happened? She says she wants another nurse! And she is really angry." I told her and the charge just shook her head. The patient was severely morbidly obese and at risk, due to several comorbidities, for skin infections, tears, and other stuff. For a split second, I swear I was almost hurt...but then I heard the angels sing in the background as the day suddenly was a great day.
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    I have an idea...Why not assign "Ms critical -thinker new nurse" to the patient who wanted the Philipina nurse to "sit" on him. Or maybe, let her respond to the patient who, among a stream of other requests, wants her to hold his penis while he voids.Would it be too cruel to assign her, in additionl, to the patient whose grown child demands his mother gets ibuprophen every 2 hours around the clock. The one who says (shouts) "I don't care if it makes her stomach hurt, my mother needs to be PAIN FREE, don't you understand that??!. Let her apply a little "critical thinking" to the guy who calls 911 because he's drunk.

    Maybe it will help her understand that nobody is going to require her to cite "studies" regarding anything nor quote any experts...just do the job of a nurse. You may have to "bite your tongue" when she tells you about it.

    I think that qualifies as "eating your young"...
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    I had a similar situation except the daughter freaked out that I gave the Ativan which sedated him and she was infuriated because of that. Well she took over 2 hours to arrive and her dad attacked another resident so it was not an option