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I am not even a nurse yet, but my short time in the hospital as aide made me see how much nurses do and how smart they are about patient care and how little doctors are even around and sometimes honestly they seem to just not get... Read More

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    I've been watching lots of old episodes of ER lately and, while the reason I watch the show is because I started watching it when I was 13 and like the characters, in some episodes it's hard to get by the complete and total inaccuracies.

    Like right now, an INTERN is teaching experienced nurses how to rate pain on a scale of 0-10 and how to use the Wong-Baker scale... for real? The Chief of the ER assigns nurses to patients/triage and ER physicians decide on their own to make a 13 year old a DNR and refuse to intubate him despite his mother's wishes to treat his illness.

    One of the few storylines in the later years on this show that I actually enjoyed was Abby's relapse into her alcoholism. The background in and of itself I find totally realistic and I think it was a good thing that they addressed that medical professionals are not immune to this type of stuff... what I found unrealistic on an episode I just watched was that the OB Attending who was Abby's AA Sponsor the first time she went through alcoholism begins discussing her relapse in the middle of the busy ER hallway. I can't say I have much real world experience with AA but doesn't the second A stand for anonymous? And wouldn't one's sponsor not out one by talking about such private things in the middle of the hall?

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    NY ER is pretty good but that is a "reality show "
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    I had to dig up this thread because I'm watching Prison Break. They show a doctor checking a blood sugar and administering insulin...repeatedly in different episodes!
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    Quote from chrisrn24
    I had to dig up this thread because I'm watching Prison Break. They show a doctor checking a blood sugar and administering insulin...repeatedly in different episodes!
    *** LOL! Ya right.
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    My hero.
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    I had to stop watching all hospital related shows. The patient doesn't have any bed rails up? Don't think so. A doctor pushing a patient to X-ray? Yeah right. The doctor the first one to a patient's room during an emergency? Nope! And hooking up with a sexy doc in the linen closet? Our linen closet is to busy for that....and sexy docs come few and far between. Also I can't stand it in horror movies when the person wakes up in the hospital and starts wondering the halls and all the lights are out and it looks like the nurses went home for the night...and they never have any non skid socks on! Okay I'm done now.
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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    I know it's a commercial and not a show or movie, but does anyone else get annoyed by the Kaplan commercial for MAs where she ends with "Don't forget about the cute scrubs"? Seriously, who would go into a career just for what you can wear?
    That commercial makes me cringe every time I see it.
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    This show isn't medical, but I was wathing "Scandal." It was the episode where Huck's wife was giving birth vaginally. Once that newborn popped out, they immediately gave it to the mother and the camera zoomed in on the happy couple. Nobody bother to suction airway or wipe him down to prevent cold stress. Lets forget about that darn APGAR score too. Lol, I laughed at mysef when I pointed this out.

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