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Hey everyone. I would just like to know if it is ok to work as a nurse as an african american and do many do it? Are there any drawbacks to this or will everything be alright? I thank you for all... Read More

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    Is this a serious question? Along with the headache/fever thread I'm getting scared! Lol. Well, I'm sure if this was a problem I wouldn't be in nursing school now would I? This is 2011.
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    I wonder, dear OP, if you are getting some sort of grief for being a young, african american male who wants to be a nurse... If your friends or family aren't receptive to the idea, I sympathize.
    A long time ago, when I was your age (like I said a lonnnng time ago!) I was told that I didn't need to get good grades, because I was a pretty girl and some man would marry me and take care of me. Gagging over that idea.
    I was on my own... No one believed in my dream to have an education or career. It was only after I got away from my family and small, small, town, and joined the millitary that anyone even encouraged me.
    I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I just want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO!!! NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY OR THINK!!!! WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S AWAY!!!
    Nurses are pretty accepting of all people, no matter their race, or culture, or creed... What your future co-workers will worry about is if you're competent, professional, and willing to work hard!
    PS All those people who didn't get me way back then think I'm brilliant now!
    GO FOR IT!
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    Thank goodness I signed in today. I haven't been sleeping well lately and while I say God bless his young ambitious curious soul for wanting to go for nursing--this post instantly drained me mentally and I am now able to sleep. HUH-RAY!
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    Beginning to think we're all in the midst of some weird electromagnetic flare with some of the weird going around these parts - just left a thread involving nurses and firearms out back and a retort back well I don't have a thumb . . .sigh . . .

    . . .who will stop the madness?!?! This almost seems creepy
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    Quote from LACA
    Seriously??? This question is ridiculous and unnecessary. Your ethnicity has nothing to do with your ability to be a nurse. Sounds like someone is trying to start some drama or an argument about race.

    I wish you were right about this. I'm glad you personally are not prejudiced, or have not experienced any problems. I on the other hand have not been really discriminated against by higher ups, but some patients' families couldn't stand me being their nurse, especially as the economy went down. It really hurts sometimes and there's no one to talk to about it, b/c everyone thinks your paranoid. At a new job however, I noticed I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to prove that I wasn't lazy. Everyone would have down time and be talking or on the internet, but it was only noticed if I did it. Oh and I couldn't speak my mind about much, b/c then I was seen as having an "attitude". Sheesh!
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    This profession is unique to ALOT of things but THANK THE GOOD LORD race isn't a issue!! Of course you may have some 80 yr old pt with dementia who will say something rude.. but that isn't unique to race. lol
    I am native american and I have a patient who calls me all sorts of things and is scared to death of me,lol.( I work in long-term care ). I think it's funny and my co-workers always get a good laugh This same patient also tells everyone their fat and ugly along with a few profane words mixed in.
    You just can't take everything to heart... You will always come across people who are mean, and just like to say nasty things to others to make themselves feel better. Just say a little prayer for them and keep movin'... If you really want to be a nurse, do it! You can't let other people hold you back from your dreams! Best of Luck!
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    Quote from Gem0607
    OMG are you serious? Um yes it's okay I'm Black and I'm a nurse I get treated the same as any other race.
    Where do you live?
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    I am saddened by some of the replies on here. Maybe it is a joke and maybe it is not, but it really is not that odd of a question. African Americans have come a long way, but to say that discrimination is not present anywhere, would not be true. Also, I know an African American male who was the first African American male to graduate from the school he attended in 2010 and this was not a new school. As someone who has been generally healthy, I have never been admitted to the hospital except for the birth of my child, so maybe he is not sure if there are many black nurses, what issues they face, etc. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that he didn't mean he believes there are no black nurses... Maybe his family is telling him that it is not a good idea. I know many people that have grown up in an area where being successful is not of priority and many grow up hearing of how they will never make it anywhere, he may not have the exposure to understand that this is common. I find that if I think I feel a thread is not legitimate, I just don't answer it. On the assumption that it may be a legitimate post, with someone seeking help, and to not make this person feel as though they asked a stupid question, I will answer. Becoming an African- American male nurse is possible. Nursing school in general isn't easy, but if you have the dedication and desire to pursue a career in nursing, I say go for it!! In the area I live, I find that male nurses are being sought out more (or find jobs more quickly) as there are not many of them. Will you be called names, maybe. Will you be discriminated against because you are African American, probably not. Will everything be ok, as long as you do your job properly, more than likely. Can you be successful as an African American male nurse, yes you can and don't let anyone tell you different. And if this was a legitimate post, please don't be afraid to ask questions even if the responses are not so "nice", hopefully someone will be willing to answer your question... For the most part, the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.Good luck to you!!
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    I agree with lili above! People can be so mean! I think it's great that you are already considering your career at a young age, and I'm sure you'd make a great nurse.
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    I don't think Daniel was trying to start something on here. Just looking through his previous posts can tell you he's a pretty curious kiddo who's trying to learn as much as he can about nursing and if it would be a good fit for him. Like any 17 year old kid who's venturing into the real world, he seems a bit naive, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. If he's being sincere (and I'm wiling to bet he is), then it's a great breath of fresh air; I know quite a few teenage kids (relatives, neighbors, and co-worker's kids). A lot of these kids I know aren't really motivated to pursue a career, choose to coast through school, and basically want to live at home with mom and dad for as long as they can. You have to admit that seeing a 17 year old high school kid on these forums wanting to know as much as he can about a career he thinks he's interested in is nice to see, because a lot of kids nowadays are too busy with their faces stuck to their cell phone. I'm not trying to be a jerk or start something myself; I'm saying all of this as the loving older sister of a total aimless buffoon who's probably playing Call of Duty 4 in our parent's basement as I type this.

    I think Daniel kinda jarred people initially because of the wording of his question, but I think I get why he asked it. So, anyway, I'll answer it: I used to work with an amazing black male nurse, and I don't believe he ever personally had a problem with patients or their families not wanting him to care for them. He has a great attitude and he's considered an asset to the unit. There's a white male nurse who also works on that unit. His attitude sucks and everyone wishes he would get over himself. Guess who everyone looks forward to working with?

    I will say that if any ethnicity in general is treated poorly by others, it's Asian nurses. My Asian co-workers are sometimes treated very disrespectfully by patients and their families. Sometimes it's a confused Vietnam vet who sees that nurse and becomes agitated, and sometimes it's just an ignorant person who foolishly believes that because an Asian nurse has a distinctive accent, they're somehow stupid (even though that nurse is obviously AT LEAST bilingual, if not multilingual! Grrr.... ) Regardless, it's not very fair treatment at all and it happens a lot, so I can understand why he asked what he did.
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