Duke ABSN Fall 2011 - page 9

Hi all! I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011!... Read More

  1. by   Amisadai
    Congratulations! That's a great Christmas gift!
  2. by   Amanda531
    I just got the email too!!!

    Congrats VandyMeg! Good luck everyone!!!!
  3. by   NormaP
    Yeah!! Just got the email too! Congrats to all. Which day do you think you are going? I have classes and lab on Fridays this spring.
  4. by   Amanda531
    I scheduled mine for the 21st. I was going to try to drive there from NJ, so I figured maybe the earlier the better with the weather.
  5. by   VandyMeg
    I scheduled mine for the 28th! Congrats to everyone who has heard and good luck to those awaiting an email!
  6. by   Evita
    I'll be there the 21st! I am so thrilled!
  7. by   nikki164
    I got an email too!!! I'm still debating on what day I should go, though.. I have my Yale interview on the 20th, so I don't think the 21st is feasible... are you guys planning on doing the ABSN-MSN Pathway??

    VandyMeg- are you also applying to Vanderbilt's program?
  8. by   nikki164
    Also, did you all finish your pre-requisites? If so, where did you guys take Microbiology?
  9. by   VandyMeg
    nikki164- I've just started looking into maybe applying to Vandy. When are their applications due and do you have to have all of your prereqs completed before you apply because I won't be done until May? I live in NC near Duke so it was naturally my first choice to apply to but I do miss Vandy/Nashville a ton. I still have to take Micro and for Vandy I would also have to take Lifespan Development. I'm hoping to eventually get into a Micro class at Wake Tech in Raleigh but they are all full right now so I'm stalking the online registration!
  10. by   nikki164
    The Vandy deadline unfortunately passed. Did you go to Vanderbilt undergrad, I assume? How is Durham as a city/town? I am used to small cities/towns, so that isn't a concern, I just hope it isn't too isolated. I just moved to Nashville this past January, and absolutely love it! It's such a great city.

    Ugh, I totally know what you mean with the registration stuff. It's such a pain in the butt! I am in the same boat as you, since I wasted an application fee for Nashville State CC to take micro, but every section, even the online ones, are full- there is a fire code regulation thing in terms of how many students/lab... so, I'm just going with University of Phoenix's online class.
  11. by   VandyMeg
    Ah I figured the deadline had already passed. Yes I went to Vandy for undergrad and loved every minute of it. I would move back to Nashville in a heartbeat...I love it there. I'm getting married in May though so I was trying to stay local since I'm pretty settled here. Maybe one day I'll get to move back! Durham is great and is in no way isolated in my opinion. There's lots to do there and Raleigh and Chapel Hill are a 15 minute drive down the road so it's like having 3 cities all in the same area!
  12. by   AnginaAngelaRN
    I GOT THE EMAIL AHHHHHHH! Congrats to everyone else!

    Now about those dates... Guess it all comes down to choosing one.

    The email honestly freaked me out because it was so simple and relatively short... The first line was something like "We are delighted that you've applied..." and I automatically panicked thinking the next line would be "but we are sorry that we cannot offer you an interview."

    SOOOOO much anxiety gone... for now
  13. by   NoleMercy
    No interview for me but it was a long shot anyways. Good luck everyone!