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  1. Just bought a pair of white leather danskos. There can be no turning back now.
  2. I'm from sunny San Diego. :) If you or anyone else have any specific questions for me or things you want me to look into while in TN please feel free to PM me or to find me on the facebook group and message me on that. My name is Eva. Duh.
  3. Congrats gohs! Im from California and headed out to Nashville next week to check out housing. I'll share whatever info I have after that.
  4. Evita

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Hey all. Just thought I would check in. I'll be going to Vandy in the fall (me and Nikki164 are going to rock it!!!!) I've asked duke to remove me from future correspondence. I know it is an amazing school and everyone who is going there will get a great experience but applying during this weird transition year was way more stressful than I expected it to be.
  5. I'd love if you would be willing to share what you learn. Thanks!
  6. I *just* sent in my deposit. It was kind of humiliating because I didn't have any business envelopes, and all I could come up with was this package of paw print greeting card envelopes that I had bought at the 99cent store (for what reason I do not know, considering I am not even an animal person! they must have been on quadruple special sale or something...). Also it got a Hanukkah 2010 postage stamp. Hopefully the money and the "yes" check mark are all they look at . I haven't looked at housing yet, but I'm coming out in April over my spring break to look at some places. My husband will probably move to TN the end of May, and I'll join him in June. What about you Kate? Midwifery, right? Housing? Significant other coming with you?
  7. Hi folks. Has anyone who has sent in their deposit gotten any additional information from the school? An email or password or anything?
  8. No sweats??? No jeans??? Do people really wear skirts or slacks every day? I don't think I've worn an outfit that doesn't contain an elastic waist band for years. Better get to shopping. Anyway, glad to hear the white scrubs are only for one hospital. I was already worried about what catastrophe would happen to me if I tempted the fates in an all white outfit.
  9. Evita

    Vanderbilt Pre-specialty Fall 2011

    alleeme - I am sure they would accept nutrition as an online course. I talked to Vanderbilt admissions about lifespan development as an online course and I was given the go ahead. As far as I can tell most schools are cool with online courses as long as it isn't a hard science and they are from accredited programs. When I called about the online course they looked up the school for me and made sure it would be ok. If you have any doubts I would just call.
  10. Hello classmates. My name is Eva and I'm in for ACNP. I'll be moving with my husband from California. I'm hoping to come for a visit in April to check out the neighborhood. I'm looking for a place with some personality, if anyone knows a place that fits the bill please let me know.
  11. Evita

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Congrats to everyone accepted! For those of us still waiting there is still hope and lots of other great schools. Keep us posted on what you decide folks. :)
  12. Evita

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    me too.
  13. Evita

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    I've been putting my phone on silent and hiding it while I drive. I know that if I heard the little "ding" of mail and the phone was within arms reach I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of trying to sneak a peek while on the road. Happy Wednesday everyone! I think it'll be an exciting day. For those of you "lurking" (yes, we can see you even if you can't see us ). If you hear anything be sure to post, ok? It's nicer to share.
  14. Evita

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    When I went to Duke Days I was told the admissions committee meets today, and we would hear tomorrow or the next day. Do you all know something I don't know? Goodluck everyone! And thanks everyone for the support and company throughout this process. :) Can't wait to know!