How does your unit secure IVs? (and feeding tubes, cannulas, etc) - page 2

I am really surprised at the amount of tape our Level III RNICU puts on our babies. I can barely assess peripheral IVs (forget seeing the catheter insertion site) because there is just SO much tape. Just recently a baby's IV went... Read More

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    We use Tegaderm or Veniguards, with or without armboards. I get very irritated when I find an IV with the insertion site covered with tape!

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    Im an NT in the NICU and we use tegaderms to secure NG/OG tubes to the face. As for IVs, nope you can't see the insertion site at all!! I wondered about that too. They use tegaderm over the site and then wrap it with pink tape(hi-tape)and gauze(and arm boards).
    In PICU/Peds, we did the IV with a tegaderm then used arm boards and kerflix with thick strips of tape, but it was made so that usually only the tegaderm touched the skin and the tape was laid over the gauze and secured.

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