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  1. katierobin23

    I Should Be in Jail

    I'm starting in the PICU at a large children's hospital on Monday and these cases are what scare me the most. I can only hope I am able to handle myself as you have.
  2. katierobin23


    Very similar to NicuGal, we give a dose of fentanyl before intubation if it's not an emergent situation. Most kids on conventional ventilators don't get pain control, we use non-pharmacologic methods instead and most do just fine. Babies on a jet so...
  3. katierobin23

    Weekly NICU MRSA swabs

    We swab nares of every baby on admission and every 2 weeks. Any baby that comes up positive is on contact precautions until discharge. Any baby whose mom was positive is also on contact until discharge, regardless of the baby's actual status.
  4. katierobin23

    Transfusion associated NEC

    We continue to feed if the feeds are 50ml/kg/day or less. Any more than that and they are NPO for 3 hours before and 8 hours after. We run blood over 3 hours, so the kid ends up on fluids (clears if they aren't already running tpn/il) for the better ...
  5. katierobin23

    NICU Babies - Security Bracelets

    Our babies get a security tag when they go to a crib. Exceptions are if they have a running IV or are on oxygen support.
  6. katierobin23

    4 lb Car Seats

    We have zero restrictions for car seat weight ratings. Most nurses and doctors in my unit have no clue that such a thing even exists. If they pass their car seat test, they can go home in it. It's ridiculous.
  7. katierobin23

    Car seat test

    Mostly the strap adjustment has to do with the challenge. And just that when they bring it in, it should be a great opportunity to talk about the rest of it but we can't.
  8. katierobin23

    Car seat test

    Glad to see its not just my unit car seats are such a passion of mine and none of the parents care. We had a baby die in a crash after she had been in our unit because of car seat misuse and still nothing changed. I can't believe we put so much eff...
  9. katierobin23

    Car seat test

    How much teaching are you allowed to do regarding car seats in your unit? For me, we put the baby in it however the parents bring it to us and aren't allowed to say anything to them except, "read the manual." (Which of course none of them do.) I feel...
  10. katierobin23

    Dr. Order for elevated head of bed?

    Ditto to what nicugal said. Once a baby gets to an open crib, we are usually looking at discharge soon and if he/she is requiring an elevated HOB, the doctors need to be aware of that. If it was based on nursing judgement alone, it may be done incons...
  11. katierobin23

    Random question.

    Here's the website for the Tortle midliner if anyone is interested :) http://tortlemidliner.com/our-products/#mind
  12. katierobin23

    Random question.

    Thanks for all of your responses! Guess it makes sense if there isn't room for vents up at the top of the bed, but it would totally mess me up haha Speaking of head flattening, is anyone using a Tortle positioner? We've started trialing them and t...
  13. katierobin23

    Different Shift Hours

    We have 12s and 8s, mostly 7-7 but a couple do 3-3. No new hires have the option of doing 8 hour shifts, but there are still plenty of nurses that are grandfathered into them. I agree it is a total nightmare having a mix, but it is nice to be able to...
  14. katierobin23

    Methadone babies

    Breastfeeding actually isn't contraindicated (its actually encouraged) for babies going through NAS so long as the mom doesn't stop abruptly. I'm wondering what you mean by "methadone level" do you mean NAS score?
  15. katierobin23

    Brigham and Women's Travel Assignment (NICU)

    More like an hour at least is a safer bet for driving. I lived 10 miles north of the city and it took easily 45 minutes on a good day, and I wasnt going all the way into town. (I would park at an outlying T stop and ride in to Children's, which is ri...