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  1. Preemienurse23

    Ett suction preterms

    Thanks NeoNurse I was tired when I got off work last night. Patency makes more sense than placement!
  2. Preemienurse23

    Ett suction preterms

    How exactly does suctioning verify ETT placement? You can be down the right stem, and still sution seretions out, plus usually if you are right stemed or too high breath sounds and usually sats are not as good as they should or can be. I can understand aspiration of a NT/OG, but not of an ETT. I was taught to listen, make sure you are equal on both sides, and most of our vented kids get routine X-rays, so we verify placement with that.
  3. Preemienurse23


    She HAD to have used fertility treatments of some kind. I agree with previous posts: what dr in his right mind would do this?? Or even what parent?!?!?! We had a set of 23 week triplets born, and only one made it? I would love to have a 31 weeker who will go home in 2 weeks. But its not going to happen....
  4. Preemienurse23

    rotating shifts?!

    Wow. How high is the turnover? 20 years of rotating? wow.
  5. Preemienurse23

    Changing to Night shift

    luckly I'm not rotating. I had to train all my friends not to call me at odd hours of the night when I got my dayshift job. I'm just glad that I'm having to rotate.
  6. Preemienurse23

    Changing to Night shift

    Hey everyone. I'm moving in the next few weeks to start a new NICU job. I have been at my first one for 1.5 years, and have been days since I started. I will be on nights at my new job. Any suggestions on making the transition from days to nights? Thanks.
  7. Preemienurse23

    You Know You're a NICU Nurse When...

    Thanks Elvish, I almost choked on my tea after reading this comment!!!
  8. Preemienurse23

    Hypoxic Brain Injury & Elective Hypothermia... Who's doing it?

    The hospital I'm at does the cool cap, but we have yet to have a baby meet all the criteria.
  9. Preemienurse23

    Biggest babys

    My gosh!!! Mom must have looked like she was carrying quads!!!!! Did she make it to term?
  10. Preemienurse23

    Biggest babys

    I know there is a post on the smallest baby... But what is the biggest baby (weight wise) that you have had admitted into the unit? I had a 13lb 7.8oz kid. She reminds me of the Pillsbury Dough boy meets the Michelin man!
  11. Preemienurse23

    Acuity and Ratio

    I had him again after about 2 weeks. Hes now been on it for close to 3 weeks, and we went down to a PEEP of 7. His nose is red, but amazingly no breakdown. Though he screams bloody murder every time I touched it. I'm sure his nose is sore. I'm honestly surprised they didn't just reintubate. I'm hoping we can get him off tomorrow.
  12. Preemienurse23

    Buying a Littmann?

    We have stethoscopes at each bedside. But I have a friend at another level III, and they have to supply their own.
  13. Preemienurse23

    Acuity and Ratio

    I had a former 23 weeker who was put onto CPAP on about day 7 of life. Hes still on it after 3 weeks....at a CPAP of 8. His poor little nose.
  14. Preemienurse23

    Weight checking

    We weigh q 24hrs unless they are unstable. Those with bed scales are weighed in the bed, everyone else uses the portable scale. I'm not fond of the bed scales though, they are too tempermental. I had one kid gain 340 kg over night, I weighed him on the portable and got 700kg, and then he managed to go up to 840 then next night on the bed scale......
  15. Preemienurse23

    passed out

    I almost passed out during my EMT-B rotation in the ER. I was watching a central line being put in with 4 other students, in a very small curtian area. I was right at the front, got hot, started seeing black and left the room. But I have packed very large abd wounds for a VAC and been fine. I did catch a mom the other day before she fell and hit the wall.
  16. Preemienurse23

    Sump tube

    Sxn was on 80 mmHg. I wasn't getting any clots, just thick stringy secretions that kept blocking up my connections. It may have been up against the wall, but that I don't know. We did get him some previcid and It should have been added to HAF the next day.