High frequency vents on your unit

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    Which do you use where you work, Jets or oscillators? Just wondering... scrolling though posts, I see both mentioned.

    We have Jets, there was a period of time about a year ago that we had to use oscillators because of a circuit problem that the jets were having (not in my hospital, but there was a recall so we got rid of them until the problem was corrected.) I was not a fan of the oscillators at all!

    Just curious about other's experience.

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    Only oscillators here
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    At my current hospital we only use oscillators. My former hospital used both. I'm not a fan of either, truth be told.
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    We just use oscillators. I've heard that oscillators actively exhale the breaths put in and that jets let it happen passively...or maybe it was the other way around.

    I love the oscillator. It's saved many of my kid's lives from pneumos...and one of their jugular veins from ECMO.
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    Oscillators here. I love them...we extubate right to vapotherm from it! Our BPD rates have dropped drastically!
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    We use jets almost exclusively, though we did use oscillators for a time during that circuit recall. Jet vent is my favorite piece of equipment in the NICU.
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    I don't work NICU but I do know that our NICU (level IV) only uses oscillators.
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    We use both, and they are not really used interchangeably in our unit. I prefer taking care of babies on the oscillator, but we have seen the jet do great things as well.
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    Your "favorite" should be based upon the clinical situation and the indication for a particular ventilator.

    The HFJV has strengths especially for PIE.

    The HFOV has strengths for other situations.

    The HFJV sometimes can deliver good gas exchange with a lower MAP than the HFOV.

    A good NICU should have both to meet the needs of the patient population your unit sees. A ventilator should fit the patient's needs rather than trying to make the patient fit the ventilator.
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    Both. Whatever the kiddo needs at that time.

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