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Just want to say "Hello" from one New York nurse to another! Ted... Read More

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am really excited...I will be starting the nursing program on Tuesday. I am trying to finish some of the readings before I start (a listing was sent to me during the winter bk). Is there anyone out there that will be starting a program in Jan? Just curious
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    I live in Westchester County and am taking classes in NYC. Does anyone here have any knowledge/experience with the SUNY Downstate program in Brooklyn?
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    Welcome to loriann and sabee06!!!

    Hiya Franny!!!! So whaddya think??? I am sporting a new screen name.....thought it was fitting after I got a new job!!!!
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    Yep, definitely works for me. Hey! Ya wany some more funnies?

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    I'm a Carolina girl, but have always loved NYC - have visited many times. Mentioned to my husband the other night that part of me still wants to live in NYC someday...to which he replied, "Well, actually..." Turns out that a higher-up in his field recently suggested that he attend/apply to a Ph.D. program at Columbia!

    I'm excited at the possibility but (being a Carolina girl) a little intimidated/worried/anxious about moving there with kids...

    Some questions for those who might be able to answer:

    (1) What's it like to live in NYC with kids?
    (2) What's Morningside Heights like?
    (3) Know anything about Columbia's grad program in human rights?
    (4) Know anything about their MPH programs/public health school?
    (5) Anybody else here who moved from the South to NYC, and if so, are you glad you did?

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    just saying hello from beautiful FROZEN long island--been nursing for about 39 years--some part time to have and raise 2 kids and full time x16 years--still loving it !!!!
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    hello I'm an RN from the Philippines landed a job here in Albany NY as a nurse extern in a psyche unit. I love it here.
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    [font=franklin gothic medium]adding a belated "hello out there!" to my fellow ny nurses!
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    Hello there all you New Yorkers! I was born in and lived in New York state for 54 years in the lower Hudson Valley in an area called, Neversink. It's located in the New York City watershed area, and I lived between two resovoirs. Both me and my children graduated from the same high school, and both children are now professionals. I moved to PA in Feb. 1996, and even though New York is a beautiful state I love it here so much I have no intention of looking back.
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    Hello there. Im new on here and trying to get into a LPN program in Rochester. I need any advice I can on what to do after I get it to become a RN to what I should be doing while I am going to school for a LPN. I don't really have a clue on where to start. I was trying to get into the rad tech program, but switched gears and now I would like to pursue nursing. Advisors have been no help!! Thank you for any help you can give me or tell me what to expect, Brian.
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    I live in CNY but everyone else calls it upstate NY. I live near Syracuse and work in an area hospital. I am a grad of St. Joseph's School of Nursing. I'm also a psychiatric RN.

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    Yes, I work in Westchester County! Grew up in Westechester County, but now live in Putnam County!
    Quote from remy15
    I'm in Westchester county,NY.LPN work in long term care.Any from here from Westchester county?
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    I am from Orange County N.Y been an LPN 1 year this June work at Orange Regional Medical Center per diem and at a local Planned Parenthood. Lived here for about 25 years, but was born and raised in Queens N.Y