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Just want to say "Hello" from one New York nurse to another! Ted... Read More

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    Hello New Yorkers. I recently passed my state boards for the LPN. I am now going for my RN. I live in Queens and am excited to hear anything anyone has to say.

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    WOOT! Dudette!!!! You got a Dell (me has a Dell too.....lol)
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    I'm in Westchester county,NY.LPN work in long term care.Any from here from Westchester county?
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    A warm hello to tgfnurses and remy15.
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    Hi Everyone,
    I am sooo happy I found this site. I will be starting Nur. school in January...I am so excited....the only thing is that there is so much reading...they sent me a list (14 books)
    Anthow, just wanted to say hi!
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    Hi Sabee06.

    Welcome to Allnurses. We're glad to have you aboard. I used to live in NY only a half hour from Untamedspirit.

    Howdy Untamed.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am really excited...I will be starting the nursing program on Tuesday. I am trying to finish some of the readings before I start (a listing was sent to me during the winter bk). Is there anyone out there that will be starting a program in Jan? Just curious
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    I live in Westchester County and am taking classes in NYC. Does anyone here have any knowledge/experience with the SUNY Downstate program in Brooklyn?
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    Welcome to loriann and sabee06!!!

    Hiya Franny!!!! So whaddya think??? I am sporting a new screen name.....thought it was fitting after I got a new job!!!!
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    Yep, definitely works for me. Hey! Ya wany some more funnies?


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