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From Upstate NY (Syracuse) and now working towards BSN. Have a degree in Social Work and decided to change to Nursing a few years ago.

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  1. loriann

    NPs/Saturated Markets

    I've actually heard some great things about Minnesota. I guess that's one to keep in mind!
  2. loriann

    NPs/Saturated Markets

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have family in Houston and they constantly tell me about the opportunities there, however, I just don't care for the heat. A friend who is an NP spoke to me recently about having to make a decision about location vs. position, and I realize now just what she meant...will probably hit home even more when I graduate. I do appreciate the responses!
  3. loriann

    MSN-CNL or ANP

    Wow!!! $160,000 is a lot to pay for an NP degree...possibly any degree. I'm spoiled in that my current job pays for my NP education. Is it possible to work and go to school, maybe a staff RN position where there are education benefits?
  4. loriann

    NPs/Saturated Markets

    Thank you for your responses Juan de la Cruz. I know that getting experience in NYC is probably the smart thing to do, but I'll be 42 by the time I graduate and I've lived in NYC for so long and want to leave asap...never planned on living here for as long as I have!! The market here is saturated and I find NYC is more PA-driven, so not even sure what the job market will be like here.
  5. loriann

    NPs/Saturated Markets

    So, basically, by the time I graduate, it would probably be difficult to find an NP job in San Francisco, especially given I will have no experience as an NP? I'm in NYC and really don't want to stay here. I was hoping to move to an area that I liked
  6. loriann

    NPs/Saturated Markets

    Hi Everyone: I have 2 more years till I finish my NP and have started to think about areas of the country I would like to live and practice in. I realize this may be a bit premature to do, but I like to plan. My question is, what is the best way to find out if a certain area is saturated in NPs? I'm really interested in San Francisco and Seattle, but I really can't get a sense of what the market is like in those areas? Any ideas as to how/where I should look for answers to that question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Lori