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    Hi everyone!:spin:

    Does anyone have any information or experience with WHITEGLOVE CARE, STAFFING REMEDIES or UNITED/INTERNATIONAL STAFFING REGISTRY?

    I'm an RN from the Philippines planning on relocating to NY. Any suggestions on good agencies/hospitals in NY that sponsor foreign nurses?


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    hello everyone, I have been a NA for six years and Iam going to school for my RN. Some times I need a little reassurance as to why I should stay in the feild. MOst of the RN/LPN's tell me I am crazy for going to school for my RN. Can some one please give me some positive adivice about nursing. Thanks
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    Hello everyone,
    I just found this site and I think it's great. I'm graduating on Tuesday for my LPN, Im so nervous about taking the board exam can any one give me any tips?
    Thanks in advance for all the info I get
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    Hello everybody, my name is Amy i'm a french nurse i live in Paris.
    My wish is coming in United states and have a new experience on my personal and professional life.
    This Forum can be the better way for make my dream come true, and i wish that some people will help me for have all the information i need!
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    Hello everyone,
    I just found this forum, GREAT! My name is Laura and I live in Finland. Im still a nursing student (still couple of months) . Im interested in OR.
    My biggest dream is living and working in New York.
    Im very happy because september (-07) Im coming to NY on my weddingtrip.

    (Im sorry because my english isnt so good now. Its because I havent used it lately).
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    Hello everyone,
    Welcoming any great advise - I am a new graduate and just get my license.
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    Hi guys!
    Starting as an RN in cardiology in NYC on Monday (my dream job). My ultimate goal is to end up in Bellevue ER. Buuut, for now... nervous.. excited.. everything! But so glad to be beginning my career in New York City.

    P.S.: Rontti - your English is perfect.
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    HI Fran,
    I spent part of my childhood in Gilboa NY. I've lived the last 20 years in Delaware county and right now I'm in Andes! Couldn't believe I saw Stamford.
    I worked for Larry Rockefeller in Lew Beach for a number of years.
    Right now I want to get back into nursing. Can you tell me a little about where you worked in Sullivan County?
    Thanks so much.
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    Hi claudia
    small world I have old barn in Andes and live in manhattan, thinking about moving upstate after I get my license,
    i wonder how is nurse's life there,
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    Hey Claudia,
    Was your post referenced to me? I'm not sure where Sullivan county is.. I'm just starting out in New York City. Did I miss something?

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