Stony Brook Basic BSN Fall 2012 - page 9

Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on... Read More

  1. by   Paws18
    I'm gna be bald soon from this lol
  2. by   BioD1234
    It's bad when a professor tells me to stop refreshing my email bc it's not going to Magically appear
  3. by   cookies143
    currently loling at bioD1234
  4. by   neeeruam
    I think the anxiety wouldn't be that bad...had I not started checking solar in February - _ - Did anyone apply to Farmingdale? Are there any different pre-reqs that Farmingdale requires that Stony doesn't?
  5. by   kitkats4breakfs
  6. by   dbabklyn
    I feel your pain. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping tomorrow is the day we will hear from stony
  7. by   Paws18
    I can't stop thinking about it nd its affecting everything! When do we know! this is complete torture yikes!
  8. by   cookies143
    this is so annoying. i don't understand why they are waiting forever
  9. by   BioD1234
    This is beyond annoying now! I feel like calling them and being like "did u know that half of you candidates are going bald from the stress of not knowing? What the sjdkshebsshsvsbakqbdbsbaajskishb!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   KMG1020
    LMAO BioD1234. I've noticed I'm losing SO much more hair than I ever have! I'm glad that other people feel the same way too
  11. by   AlvinS
    I am starting to think they lost my application LOL..... I guess I won't find out this week.
  12. by   Paws18
    Well next week is the week ladies and gentlemen... has to be... right?!?!? Im losing it
  13. by   AlvinS
    Lets hope so.