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  1. dbabklyn

    UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012

    Hi all, Just as an FYI - they updated the website with the orientation information. Check it out here: Second Bachelor's Track | UMass Amherst School of Nursing I can't wait to meet everyone!
  2. dbabklyn

    Science courses for Nursing

    Sciences courses required for nursing: General Chem, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, General Microbiology (all of these classes with lab) Some schools also require: Organic Chem, Nutrition, Intro to Bio Before taking A&P it is recommended to take gen chem beforehand. At my schools, gen chem was a pre-req for A&P. At other schools, you will need gen chem & intro to bio before taking A&P.
  3. dbabklyn

    NYU BSN Fall 2012

    @missjj yep i took all of my prereqs already
  4. dbabklyn

    Question about Nutrition Course at Kingsborough Community College

    I thought Nutrition was one of the easiest classes that I took and I took it at another CUNY school. Do you have any particular concerns about taking Nutrition @ Kingsborough CC?
  5. dbabklyn

    NYU BSN Fall 2012

    I'm doing alright and how are you? No i haven't heard anything as of yet. All I know is that my application is being reviewed. They told me that they will release all decisions by June 1st.
  6. dbabklyn

    Personal statement/Nursing application essay

    I agree with the previous post. Also, when writing about why you want to be a nurse/what inspired you to be a nurse - don't just write that you want to help people and that you're caring - gear it more towards yourself and your experiences - make it personal. It will help you stand out more.
  7. dbabklyn

    Farewell Student Boards!!!

    Congratulations and good luck on your NCLEX! I'm just about to start my journey as a nursing student this Fall 2012 and I'm very excited and can't wait until I'm where you are now :)
  8. dbabklyn

    list of all nursing schools

    you can check out this site that has a list of all accelerated BSN programs and MSN programs: American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Accelerated Programs: The Fast Track to Careers in Nursing
  9. dbabklyn

    UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012

    Just got an email this morning to activate my spire account
  10. dbabklyn

    NYU BSN Fall 2012

    i'm in the same boat as you katemary. i'm crossing my fingers for the both of us and hope that we will hear back soon!
  11. dbabklyn

    Stony Brook Accelerated BSN class of 2013

  12. dbabklyn

    Stony Brook Basic BSN Fall 2012

    @nursebydesign thanks for your words of encouragement and congrats for getting into the program :) I've been accepted into another ABSN program so more than likely I'm going there I wish you all the best of luck and maybe one day we'll end up working together :)
  13. dbabklyn

    UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012

    i just received the package from UMass (in the mail) today! Soo soooo excited :w00t:
  14. dbabklyn

    Stony Brook Basic BSN Fall 2012

    congrats cookies! that is awesome :)
  15. dbabklyn

    Beth Israel Nursing school interview

    check out this post on another thread: https://allnurses.com/ny-nursing-programs/beth-israel-2012-a-688640-page3.html
  16. dbabklyn

    UMass Amherst Second Bachelors Fall 2012

    awesome idea rach :) i was thinking the same thing too before you posted it :)