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Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a... Read More

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    Nothing here either

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    Do you guys know that whether they are sending decisions in alphabetic order or not?
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    I just joined this group........I checked solar and there is still nothing about a decision.........fingers crossed. Has anyone heard that they got in to the two year program yet?
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    Hey guys i have not heard anything yet either.

    As for the alphabetical question. I dont think so. I went through all of these questions with the 1 year decision wait blog. it was not in alphabetical or according to how early or late you got your application in. They also sent out rejections first, then acceptance, and then finally wait listed applicants. I believe i read something a while back about someone hearing from a friend that their son was waitlisted for this program. So i wonder if alternates were notified as well for the 2 year and no one happens to be on this blog??

    If that is the case, there is literally no rhyme or reason to how they get their decisions out which is frustrating. All i know is if i get wait listed for this program too and i am waiting like this till sept im pretty sure ill go crazy

    Good luck guys! My stomach is in knots right now. I could cry or scream! To all those waiting im right there with you! and to all those who recieved news, at least the wait is over and may another door open!
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    Thanks Kaywal17 for answering my question. When was your application date?
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    Alphabetic question: My last name starts with an M, so I doubt that they went in that order. And even though I went on solar and found my rejection, I still did not get an email nor did anything change on my solar page. So keep checkin guys!
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    So sorry that you had bad news Where on the solar page did you find the rejection? Did anyone get good news yet about the 2 yr program?
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    @dollface4K6, does Farmingdale have an accelerated BSN like Stony Brook? Or is it just RN to BSN? I'm not from Long Island originally, but I'm moving down to (FINALLY) be with my fiancee. I only applied to Suffolk and SB because I didn't really know about the other schools around!
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    ashe7, I applied to the 1 year accelerated as well,and after I received my decision from that program there was a "Admission Decision Response" link on the main Solar Page. Out of curiosity, today I clicked it and I found that I was able to view the decision for both the 1 year (which had been there since I got my rejection) and now for the 2 year as well!

    sproutandbean, when you apply to Farmingdale you are required to take an entrance exam at the school. When i went to take the exam, we were told that students who already hold Bachelor's Degrees that get accepted to the Associate Degree program will have to option in January to join their first Accelerated BSN program, where it will take 3 years to graduate as an RN with a BSN. I decided to take that option because even if I applied again next year for Stony Brook, I would be graduating at the same time from Farmingdale in their 3 year program. I also know a few nurses who are graduates of Farmingdale and it seems to be a great school!

    I'm crossing my fingers for everyone who is still waiting!!!!
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    Thanks for answering my question dollface4k6. Good luck in Farmingdale How was the entrance exam? I got into Molloy's nursing program but I have to take an entrance exam, has anyone taken it? Does the math include algebra and trigonometry?

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