Stony Brook Basic BSN Fall 2012 - page 19

Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a... Read More

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    what makes you so sure

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    Well i doubt we will know this week, so only one week left...... and the wait seems so much longer.... AHHHHH
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    Well I'm not "SO" sure just saying it's marks the the 11th on Friday so that's pretty much mid-may..just being positive, given the rlly frustrating circumatances
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    I just hope they let notification out next week, I need some peace of mind that its actually happening and things are moving along
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    I agree, i'm dying over here
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    this is annoying
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    If I don't hear by May 14, I will sent in my deposit to the College of New Rochelle. I can't wait this long.
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    I know it is a little rediculis
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    Its really unfair because sbu taking forever is forcing people to put down deposits in other places which could hurt other people from getting accepted
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    I really hope this week is the week .... its an insane wait

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