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    I have been accepted to NYU nursing's accelerated second degree program starting in fall 2011. I know I want to get an MSN as well as BSN, and ideally would like to participate in a combined degree program. NYU offers a combined degree program, however, they do not offer an NNP program, which is the program I know I want to pursue. Columbia's ETP program (which is a combined degree program) does offer NNP. Unlike most NNP programs, Columbia does not require two years of employment in a NICU before you can begin their MS coursework, i.e. you can go straight through from BS to MS. Unfortunately, I need to make a decision on NYU in the next couple of weeks, and Columbia's ETP application is not due until the fall (summer start date). I know I want to be in New York. Does anyone know anything about whether it is advantageous to hold out for BS at Columbia rather than at NYU in terms of eventual acceptance to/participation in Columbia's MS? Columbia's program is my top choice, but is it worth the gamble? I am graduating from Dartmouth in June, have strong reccs, an above 3.5 cumulative GPA, higher in my major/concentration, GRE: 660 verbal 760 math. Anyone have any words of wisdom in terms of going straight through rather than working for a little before beginning MS? I have received advice from PhDs and NPs who have been in the game for many years to go straight through with my education, all the way to PhD without taking time to work, but I have also spoken with RNs and NPs who told me taking time off from my education to work is beneficial because hospital politics dictate that RNs resent NPs who have never worked as an RN. Would it not hurt me to do NYU for BSN, then apply to Columbia for MSN, and work a little during the gap? I would love any advice and/or opinions!

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    It might be prudent to investigate how the local hospitals feel about hiring direct entry NNPs who have no prior medical experience.
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    Hi LoLane,

    I'm exactly in the same situation. I'm currently in the nursing program at NYU, finishing up my last 2 pre-reqs over the summer and starting the accelerated route in the Fall. Initially I was very happy because I wanted to continue through my masters and in all honesty, it sounded very nice to go straight into it without taking the GRE. But now I realized that all the specialties I like are not offered at NYU, so most likely I will apply to Columbia after my BSN.

    In regards to continuing through your studies or breaking it up a bit with some work, I will probably suggest the second option. I did a lot of readings, especially on this board and elsewhere and I also spoke to other nurses at the hospital where I volunteer and they all recommended the same thing. Mostly because even when you get your NP degree you are still considered a new grad, entry level nurse and I strongly believe that to become a good nurse, you need some hands on experience. The biggest complaint I read on this board about Columbia is that their program is designed for people who go from BSN to MSN coming out with no experience whatsoever and while you might finish the programs faster you really have no bedside experience.
    Also, a lot of the nurses I know they suggested I get my BSN and start working right away, economy permitting of course! Then, while working start looking into tuition reimbursement from your employer if they offer any. You can still work your 3/12s shifts as a nurse while attending grad school.
    These are my 2 cents and since I'm in the same boat if anyone else would like to chip in with a word of advice I would really appreciate it too!

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    If you have a benefactor go to Columbia. I was at Columbia. Way too disorganized, way way too expensive. Going the ADN>BSN route now....I may go back to a big name school for the masters but 100 thousand to get a BSN is too rich for my blood....
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    Either way your going to be in some serious debt, probably more than if you just went to medical school. It doesn't matter what other nurses think of you, they are going to hate on you anyway if you have experience or not. The important factor is to find out if hospitals will hire an NP with no nursing experience. They are barely hiring BSN with no nursing experience so you should make sure this won't effect your job prospects as an NP. You might end up at the end of all this schooling and 150k in debt working in LTC as an RN so be careful and do your research about job opportunities with your expected education and experience.
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    Why don't you consider a PA program?
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    I completely agree with what Charlie Taco said about getting that bedside experience. The nursing job market now is very different from previous years. There are many new Graduate Nurses that Graduate from Nursing school and are jobless for 6 months to year. I saw it when i was in school getting my bachelor's. Many of them Grduated Nursing school and have been looking for a job for like a year or more and were unable to find a job. I would say get experience working as a RN before you go for your Masters.
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    I don't think either the NYU or Columbia MSN programs are hard to get into, you'd just have to do a lot more paperwork, applying from scratch to go to Columbia for your master's if you didn't go there for your BSN.
    But there is a lot to be said for doing a couple years of bedside nursing in the NICU before attending school since NNP is SO specialized.
    So if you want to accept NYU - go for it!! I went there and had a good experience.
    And when you're looking for a job after graduation try REALLY hard to get into the CHONY NICU. I hear they're often hiring new grads, it's the best NICU in the city, and I believe Columbia MSN would be FREE (or practically free) if you work at Columbia Presbyterian (where CHONY is). Good luck!
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    Hi LoLane,

    Just wondering what you decided - I'm just beginning to research and examine different programs, and am looking at both NYU and Columbia. I'd love to hear an update!

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    Hi guys,

    Hoping you could give me some insight here's my story
    80 credits, just changed majors, only have micro and stats left.
    over 3.3 GPA including an intro to bio i never dropped and ended up w/ an F. All other classes are a's n b's.
    Great letters of recommendations from my 2 very good friends ( one doctor one lawyer)
    Volunteering at children s hospital next month.

    Dilemma: retake intro to get rid of the F? Finish pre req? Or just apply? I would do anything to get into NYU.


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