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  1. kika72

    Where are the new grads in ICU?

    Thank you Meebugg21!!! I am still looking for ICU and I won't give up! Got 2 offers across country in med-surg, but my dream is ICU and I will persevere! If anyone hears or knows of any jobs in ICU, ANYWHERE...please let me know. I have applied to numerous new grad residency, but still waiting to hear
  2. kika72

    NYU Medical Center Nurse Residency Program

    Hi Pete! I wanted to ask you if you're a new grad or you're already a nurse. I'm graduating in December and planning to take the nclex in February and I read on the website that they are accepting applications even if you're still in school. I have already started the application process and sent them all my documents but is the October 8th orientation for people who have already a license? Thank you so much and congratulations! I'm sure you will get it!
  3. kika72

    NYU Medical Center Nurse Residency Program

    Thank you so much for the heads up flee43! How do you like California? Is the job market good over there? I have just started the application process, so I'm getting the documents together etc. so I'm also trying to figure out where do I want to be, city wise and hospital wise. I'm not being picky or anything, but I just want to figure out if I want to stay in NYC or not!
  4. kika72

    NYU Medical Center Nurse Residency Program

    Hi flee43! Congratulations on your NYU Langone residency! You made it through the crucial steps and I'm sure you will get a position as soon they start hiring again! I'm starting the process myself and I was wondering if you could give me any pointers on the pharm exam? I get really anxious sometimes and I wanted to know if there are any particular math or meds questions I should review beforehand. Thank you in advance for all your help and I wish you the best of luck! Kika
  5. kika72

    My first year of nursing :)

    Thank you for such beautiful posting! As I'm approaching graduation in December and starting to fear what my first year in nursing will look like, reading this was definitely a breath of fresh air! Among so much negativity, It's always good to also hear the positives. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.
  6. kika72

    What career did you have before nursing?

    I spent almost 12 years in the hospitality business as a GM, then 3 years home with my children after they were born. Now at 39, I have 12 months left on an Accelerated BSN and can't be happier. The workload is hard to juggle between family, kids and life in general but it's worth every sacrifice!
  7. kika72

    Spring semester load....am I really crazy?!

    Hi Mauve! Yes, if you're working full-time then your plan is certainly wise! Unfortunately, in my opinion advisers are not the strongest point at NYU. And I'm saying this judging from my experience and those of other classmates. I'm sure some are better than others, but in general I don't feel the students are very happy with them. Mine I have to say is probably one of the worse! Not very helpful and takes forever to return my emails. But I learned to navigate the system and if I have bigger problems I go to the main advisor. I would love to tell you that for the money you pay you will get top notch service...but unfortunately you won't because the perfect school doesn't exist Best, kika
  8. kika72

    Spring semester load....am I really crazy?!

    Hi Mauve! Congrats on your acceptance!! Yes, I ended up doing really well on all my pre-reqs and now I'm finishing up my first semester of clinicals. Micro, A&P and Chem were probably the toughest ones but if you study and keep up with the material is totally doable. If I were you I would try and take Dev. Psych with the other classes because, in my opinion that was the easiest and I wouldn't want to waste a whole semester by taking just that one class. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll be happy to help! Kika
  9. kika72

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2012

    My cohort is of about 300 students and it's a mix of traditional and accelerated students. The only class you will take with all 300 of them is pathophysiology. The others are halved in two sections and then the labs and clinicals are in a group of 12 (lab) and 6 students for hospital clinicals. We have standard multiple choice exam for the lectures and then individual practicum exam for the lab and clinical skills. I hope this helps.
  10. kika72

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2012

    Hi gk24, Ok so I had a 3.9 GPA and took all my pre-reqs at NYU. I have no previous healthcare experience besides years of volunteer work that I religiously do every weekend. In all honesty, I don't think the program is really hard to get into, but I do believe they are looking at different things during the admission process. They take an holistic approach on the candidate. The first semester you have one clinical component at a hospital of your choice (which you alternate every other week with lab simulation), another lab component for your health assessment class and then the 5 lecture classes you see in the academic progression sheet. It's a lot of work I have to say but it's doable because all the classes are somewhat synchronized and cover the same material at the same time (for example we are learning about ventilation and perfusion, lung sounds etc in our assessment lab and we are also covering the same subject in Adult & Elder and Patho). The only thing that might bother some people is the fact hat we are not at a hospital every week, but you alternate one week with hospital and the next with lab sim. The reason is that they want you to be exposed to all the possible scenarios a nurse may encounter and that you might not be able to always observe during your clinical. Plus hospital liability is high with students and you may not get your hands on all the time or might be scared to actually do it. this way you're practicing over and over on a manikin and can make all the mistake you want. Wr are also tested on the manikin and on the actual clinical at the hospital. Let me know if you have specific questions and I'll be happy to answer! Kika
  11. kika72

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2012

    Hello Everyone! I have been following your posts because I was on the same boat last year at exactly the same time! I know exactly how you guys feel!! I had sent in my application by September 15 and when by November 3rd I hadn't heard anything I was freaking out and decided to call. They usually don't tell you anything over the phone but told them that it was my birthday (true!) and the wait was killing me! So now a year later I'm finishing up my first semester and I love it! I know many of you have questions about the school, program and if it's really worth the money. Well, no school is perfect and when you make your decision you should really take into consideration what's important to you. If you want a decent school, with a good reputation and if you're thinking to advance your education with a Masters degree and you're not too worried about repaying your loans, then NYU is for you. I went through the hassle of even trying to speak with people over at Hunter and the administration is almost inexistent! I hear it's an excellent program but unfortunately didn't get to talk or meet with anyone in person because they never pick up their phone, they never return your calls or the person that answers (if you're lucky) tells you everything as it is, without any flexibility or even the remote inclination to answer your questions. I didn't have time for this. Nursing is my second career and since I have been waiting a long time to finally fulfill my dream I decided to choose NYU. I like the fact that they are always very available to the students and willing to make a change if they need to. There are also plenty of flaws, because remember...the perfect school doesn't exist! Feel free to ask me any questions... Kika
  12. kika72

    NYU v. Columbia

    Hi Vanessa, Unfortunately that F in Bio won't look so good on your application. I would definitely try to retake it to better your gpa. I'm only saying this because my study partner from last semester applied to NYU with a 3.5 and didn't get in and she is now working on her gpa in order to re-apply. I'm in the program right now and so far I really like it. Some of the people in it really make me question how important gpa is...but hey...who am I to judge right? Also NYU uses a very holistic approach for admission, therefore you might have other factors working out for you. Do you have any previous medical/volunteering experience? If you feel unsure about your grades I would definitely focus on your other assets and volunteer experience can definitely help you!
  13. kika72

    Nursing programs that start in jan

    NYU also has a Fall and Spring start.
  14. kika72

    Cold Feet for NYU Accel. BSN

    Well, the program is pretty rough and between lectures, lab simulations and clinicals my week is pretty much all booked up! You do get one day off, plus Saturday and Sunday but still... Lectures are usually between 2 to 3 1/2 hours, simulations are also a little over 2 hours and clinicals are from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm but only every other week for the first semester. I spoke to people in the program and they told me it's pretty hardcore and the faculty does not recommend working at the same time. If you really have to, try to limit your hours to 20 per week. I think I've heard about a few people doing it part-time, but I'm not really sure if it's an option. Call them up and ask, they are usually very helpful! I hope this helps...
  15. kika72

    Cold Feet for NYU Accel. BSN

    Hi nurstudent12, Yes, ExpatHopeful is right, you end up taking all the same classes as the accelerated students. I'm currently in the program and starting my clinicals in the Fall. I transferred as a traditional student and after finishing my prerequisites at NYU I choose the accelerated route. My Fall semester class schedule has 5 classes: Integrative Seminar, Health Assessment and Promotion, Adult & Elderly I, Professional Nursing and Pathophysiology. I'm sure this is plenty to keep us busy!! So far I took all my liberal arts and pre-reqs at NYU and I love the environment. I have heard many good things and bad things (overcrowded lectures) about their nursing program but I didn't care. This is the school I was aiming for and I'm just so happy I got in! It is definitely a financial sacrifice, because by the time I will be done I will owe a lot of money but I have faith in finding a job....hopefully! During my core and liberal arts classes I had lectures with over 100 students and that didn't really bother me. If you're focused and really want to learn, nothing will stop you. Plus the professors do a great job in keeping everyone interested and somewhat involved in class participation. It's all up to you and what you will make out of it! Good luck and feel free to ask anything. Kika
  16. kika72

    Info about NYULMC and Mt. Sinai in city

    Hi siegolindoRN! Thanks for all the info you provided, it's very helpful to hear it from someone who works there already! I was wondering...when you say that NYU Langone pays for your studies if you're accepted at NYU College of Nursing you mean for the people who already have an associate/diploma in nursing and are going back for their BSN or Master correct? I'm currently a student at NYU College of Nursing and I'm getting really nervous about paying all my student loans by the time I will be done....It's a lot of money!!! That's why I'm trying to find other ways to pay for it, besides scholarships but I'm not a nurse yet. Do you know if it's possible to apply to other positions within the hospital (for example a clerk, etc.) and receive tuition remission for your nursing studies with the condition of working at NYU once you graduate? Thank you in advance for all your help. Kika