North Shore LIJ ED/NICU/PICU Fellowship 2013

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    Hello Everyone!

    I have recently interviewed for the ED/NICU/PICU Fellowship at NSLIJ and I wanted to get some feedback about the program from past or recent nurses in the same program. Also, it would be nice to connect to other applicants out there who are going through the process!

    How did your interview go? They told me they only pick 10 candidates so let's keep our fingers crossed!! Sounds like an amazing experience and I'm so grateful to had the chance to interview.

    Good luck and keep me posted!

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    hey! i have an interview coming up for that fellowship! any information you have about the interview process, types of questions, etc. would be amazing. and good luck to you!
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    Good luck to both of you! Fellowships at NSLIJ are amazing!
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    Hi sophhusk!

    Congratulations on landing an interview!! Ok, first I met with the lady in HR for about 30-40 mins and she just asked very general questions about your previous work experience by looking at your resume, why you choose nursing etc. Then she moved onto some very general behavioral questions that you can related to your past experiences, either nursing, other jobs you have held in the past or just life in general. And then she explained a little bit about the fellowship. She was very easy going and at the end of it she makes you fill in an application. Then you move on to the panel interview, where you will meet with the nurse educator, PICU, ED and NICU representatives. All of them were super nice and not intimidating at all! I really enjoyed talking to them and they also ask very general questions about your previous work experiences and how you incorporate them with nursing. Then they took me on a tour of the ER, PICU, and NICU.
    Overall it was great and now just have to keep my fingers crossed!! So just look at your resume and think about clinical nursing experiences that really stood out and you will be fine!!

    Good luck!!
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    Thank you so much! I am really excited about it. Did they let you know when they will be making decisions? It sounds like you did well, so you should feel positive!
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    I feel good about it, but you never know!! They will make a decision by June 7 and fellowship starts July 8.
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    I interview on Tuesday for it!
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    Just did the interview today! Process was exactly the same. Had a meeting with the nurse recruiter and then the panel interview following the tour right after. I honestly don't think you can prepare yourself for the questions. I basically just answered honestly and by experience but definitely look over your resume cause they mainly look at that. HR told me about 350 applied and they cut it down to the top 30-25 and then they will narrow it to just 10 people. Good luck everyone! We're all in this together whether we make it or not .
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    Awesome! I'm excited to interview then. For those of you who have, are you new grads or experienced nurses?
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    Quote from rnmj
    I feel good about it, but you never know!! They will make a decision by June 7 and fellowship starts July 8.
    Hi what is the fellowship all about. Do u need experience because I am a new nurse and I would like to know.

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