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  1. nursese

    Binghamton grads?

    I graduated from Binghamton traditional RN track and It took me almost 8months-10months to get a job. Even if you go to school near NYC, it's very competitive at current job market. Going to school near NYC does not guarantee a job but it opens up your eyes to different hospital's environment and atmosphere. Honestly, I think it's all timing and luck. For example, I attended a job fair with my friend. She ended up getting an interview when I didn't. Binghamton BAT program is very hard to survive. Compared to NYU BAT program, Binghamton program is shorter. Even after becoming a RN, It's all based on how much effort you put in to get a job. I applied everyday to different hospitals and waited almost 2-3 weeks for each interviews. Also you need to think about how much debts you want to have when you graduate. Binghamton could be very lonely since there is nothing to do for leisure time and when you have a serious boyfriend in NYC. You just have to prioritize and count cons & pros. Hope I help you a bit. If you have more Qs you could PM me.
  2. nursese

    NSLIJ Interview Tips and Advice

    If you are asked to fill out the references. I think you just have to wait for an actual offer from nurse recruiter. From my experience with NSLIJ recruiting process, it will take approximately a week to 2 weeks. Keep me updated! :)
  3. nursese

    RN job

    I work at LIJ. my advise is just keep applying. i applied everyday for 3-4 months til i got my first call from nurse recruiter.
  4. nursese

    I messed up so bad

    I am a shy person when it comes to interview. I did horrible on my first interview because I was really nervous. I rambled during the interview and there was silent moments between questions. But that experience tremendously helped me to get over my fear and shyness and now i work in this amazing hospital. Just practice, practice, practice. Practice makes everything perfect! Most nurse recruiter or nurse manager wants to know if the candidates know why this unit, why nursing, why this hospital. Also is the candidate capable of providing patient care with great customer skill and right attitude. We all survived nursing school and passed the board. Be more confident!
  5. nursese

    North Shore LIJ Pharm Exma

    Is there pharm exam at LIJ?
  6. nursese

    North Shore LIJ ED/NICU/PICU Fellowship 2013

    LIJ has two different ED: Adult and pediatrics (Cohen's Children Hospital)!
  7. nursese

    North Shore LIJ ED/NICU/PICU Fellowship 2013

    Good luck to both of you! Fellowships at NSLIJ are amazing!
  8. nursese

    North Shore LIJ

    stay strong! there is a light at the end of tunnel!! it took me almost a year to get a hospital job!
  9. nursese

    NYP New grad position

    If you did well on the battery test, they would contact you within 5-7 business days
  10. nursese

    NYP New grad position

    You will either put on New grad waitlist or get an invitation to Battery Test
  11. It is a state law for a nurse to have a year of experience in order to work in EDs New grads start in EDs in NY are in the special fellowship or residency program
  12. I recommend you to take a part-time job in local hospital where you want to work in the future and at the same time take the pre-requisite classes in the community college. Then apply for Accelerated BSN Nursing program since you already have a degree.
  13. nursese

    Interviewing for ER Residency

    @GleeGum, i am about to submit my application, any suggestion or advice for STONYBROOK ER program?
  14. nursese

    New York NCLEX-RN retake procedures

    Can i get your email instead?
  15. nursese

    New York NCLEX-RN retake procedures

    I got my new ATT in 2-3days after paying $200 by credit card. Good luck on your nclex!