New York Presbyterian New Grad Nurse Program

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    I graduated in December with my BSN (second degree) and am interested in applying to the New Grad Nurse program at NYP. Does anyone know if NYP has New Grad applications available on their website for December grads (e.g., in December/January)? I know they have applications for May/June graduates. I hear that the applications are up for a brief amount of time and get taken down quickly. I just want to make sure I don't miss the posting. Is checking the website the only way? Thanks!

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    I am also wondering about this.
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    You would have to apply to the Winter 2013 New Grad Waitlist however I heard that positions for new grads are so limited that now they only consider new grads that already work there (i.e. CNA, nursing companion, unit clerk, etc) or that have connections aka know someone that already works there in a "higher-up" position. Having done clinicals there does not help unless you were able to make a connection with a Manager or Administrator.
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    I graduate in May. Is there anything I can now to attempt to gain a new grad residency position?
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    Are you in NY? If so, try to get a Nursing Companion position at NYP. You can also try CNA/PCT but they only hire CNAs/Nurse Techs/PCTs with experience in these positions already. Anyway just being an employee at NYP before you become an RN is a big plus. If you do not live in NY then get CNA/PCT/Nurse Tech experience (if you do not already have an RN license, if you have RN license you cannot be a CNA/Nurse Tech as you will be held responsible to the highest level of responsibility b/c you have RN license and that is a liability issue so hospitals do not hire CNAs/Nurse Techs if they already have RN license).
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    Unfortunately I don't live in NYC, but I do have experience as a CNA II as well as having a critical care nurse externship over the summer. I guessI just have to figure out how to navigate the application process. Any ideas?
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    Best thing for anyone seeking a RN position at NYP can do is get a job there first doing *anything* even if its housekeeping, then go on to nursing school.

    I'm serious and know it is not an option for everyone but it does seem having been a previous employee of NYP system is perhaps the best way to get hired as a RN.
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    Thanks for the advice!!!
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    Thanks for the advice!
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    My nursing school and current residence is not in New York but I might eventually go back to New York which is where my family is. Since I just finished my BSN, I don't know how likely it is that I will get a position as a nursing companion as you mentioned especially if I obtain my RN. If that is the case, it seems like it would be pretty challenging to enter NYP as an RN! I also don't have any job offers thus far (I am mostly just applying online although I hear that isn't the surefire way to get a job offer) but am still applying wherever I can and am considering going in person to drop of my application however much that may help. The floor I was on for my senior clinical isn't hiring so it was tough to find a job opportunity there. Gonna keep moving!

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