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I graduate from an ADN program this December and will take the boards to get my RN. I am currently an LPN and have been working partime then PRN (because of school, go figure ...haha) since February 2014. I currently live in SC and am relocating to Vermont after I graduate.

I'm sure it varies year by year and I've read some really old posts ... but does anyone know what the job market is looking like LATELY for new grad nurses at Fletcher Allen? I would love to get into their new grad program .... And if I'm correct, I'm not able to apply to any of those jobs until January 1st, correct? According to the new grad nursing page on the site that's what it looks like ..... I tried to email the email address provided to clarify some questions I had but got no reply back so I'm resorting to allnurses.com.... I really wish I could start applying NOW a few months ahead instead of having to wait til January 1st not knowing whether I'll get in or not. And I'm hoping that working as an LPN for a little while, even if it's in longterm care, will help my resume look at least a little better...I'm really set on getting into Peds Oncology... but I'm also open and interested in many other units if I couldn't get that right away. Is it likely to get a on a floor you prefer or do they just kind of accept new grads and place you where they want you?

Does anyone have any further information about Fletcher Allen New Grad Nursing program or any tips for getting accepted? Or can anyone recommend other great hospitals to work at in Vermont? I looked at a few haven't looked into them as much as Fletcher Allen yet.

Thanks so much!

fahc usually has a "staff nurse I" or "new graduate" posting on their HR website when they're hiring new grads. just about at every semester's graduation, there are new nurses everywhere 5 days later. note: there really isn't an inpatient pediatric oncology unit. fahc is just too small. if you're into that - try to get onto Baird 5, which is inpatient pediatrics. they do inpatient chemo there. if it were me, i wouldn't go into peds right away. get some good adult med/surg experience before transitioning into such a high risk specialty. i wouldn't work anywhere else besides fahc. you will not be paid enough and it's too rural (though burlington is very rural and the pay is not great either!)

Also, the new grad program doesn't hire onto peds. Usually just neuro, ortho, cardio, medicine and surgery as far as I know.

I did read they do hire into specialty units including peds according to the new grad nursing page on their site.

I know I posted this several months ago ... but i have since graduated, got licensed in my home state, sent my materials for a license by endorsement in vt, and i applied to uvm health (previously fletcher allen) the first day the new grad residency position opened , and got invited to do the prerecorded video interview after the initial application/clinical references/personal statement was received . It's been 2 wks since I submitted my video interview. When do you usually hear back and is it from HR again or by this stage do hiring managers contact you? I didn't know if they didn't contact people until the application deadline closes in may or if they went ahead and starting conducting interviews and hiring people now who already graduated and passed boards as opposed to those who graduate in may.

Any insight would be so greatly appreciated!!!

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