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Hi all,

Has anyone went through the interview process with Vanderbilt? How long is it? After you submit all your information, how long is is the wait until you get an interview? Is the first interview over the phone? I'm having the opportunity to further my applicaTion. So excited!


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I got wait listed for their New Grad residency interview. They called me one day and said that they had an opening for an interview for 8:30 am the next day. I told them that I was a 6 hour drive away and I can't drive to Nashville with less than 24 hr. notice, plus I already had an interview scheduled for 11 am at another hospital . She said that was the only spot available and if I can't do that time then they will take me out of consideration for the position. Obviously they were not that interested in me and just wanted to waste my time if they were that rigid on their interviews. Fortunately, I made the right decision and the other hospital treated me far better and offered me a position.

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Oh my!! That is not good. Thank you for your input. Well, look at you know, NICU RN. We will see how this goes. I'll keep this thread active. Just trying to weigh all my options here. Don't want to put the other one off for too long, which has excellent people in management. That is a priority with me--the people you work under. The work environment starts from the top down. You have to be able to trust who you work under and know that they have your back. They will paint the picture and create the type of working atmosphere they envision.


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I found out I got an interview about 2 weeks after the application deadline. At that point you either find out if you were selected for an interview, were not, or are wait listed for an interview. I was then given the option of two different interview days to choose from. There is only one interview and you have an option to do it in person or over skype. Hope this helps!

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SKYPE! That is great for out-of-state applicants. I hope they start sooner than after the app deadline. I have another opportunity that I don't want to put off for that long--two weeks after Jan 21.

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Does anyone know the pay they start at for new grads.