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  1. Healthcare deductables

    @commu... ha! Only those spoken of those who live of this world sweety. Positivity and words from the heart of sincerity is what I give all day. Now whether you take it in a different light is up to you. The Creator knows whats in my heart is all th...
  2. Healthcare deductables

    LOL!!! Since you can't see or know the people who respond to these posts, its never known the intention of these responses. To begin with, why would you @...lady.. start your reponse with a "why question" (non-therapeutic), and then throwing negative...
  3. Healthcare deductables

    @caroladybelle, slavery was legal, but look what happened with that! This is not right, and people must make a stand to this. Then, you say choose to buy the product or not, lady, they ARE ALL THE SAME, and if you choose not to buy ANY THAT ARE ALL T...
  4. Healthcare deductables

    What in the world just happen to insurance deductibles? I was just offered an AMAZING pay for a position in the MICU as a new grad (out-lying hospital paying higher than the medical center in Houston). I will have my start and explaining of all thing...
  5. Banned foods in other Countries

    anymore responses?? I have my opinion, as you may know, but it will be lengthy. Get ready.. Been out a couple days on a job interview, got it on the spot, and it's paying unexpected GREAT MONEY for a new grad in the MICU. Who thought a small hospital...
  6. Does the AP BSN program have clinical sites in the Austin or Round Rock areas?

    I know this is a late post, but they honor a point system. So the more classes you take at UTA, if you work at a partnered hospital, and having a previous degree will put you higher in ranking.
  7. Working during AP BSN (not RN to BSN)

    If you care about your grades, do the recommended hours. The program just get worse as you progress--time management was a killer for everyone. I graduated magna cum laude, and only found myself working 8hrs wk my last semester, if that.
  8. N4455 Leadership and Management anyone taking it now?? or have taken it?

    All I can say is read your book. The content is interesting! The test questions are not bad but we always protested our questions. The turn-around in email responses is snail-mail, if any from the professor.
  9. Online BSN degrees being accepted by hospitals?

    What you've heard its true in some places. What I have been told is not to say it is online. If they ask where your clinicals were, then just tell them where your clinicals were. The main concern is the accreditation.
  10. You sure can pass the NCLEX in 265 questions!

    That must hhave been a heartbreaker knowing that the system felt you weren't passing at 75. Mine fortunately shut off at 75. But I was ambivalent as to what that meant immediately after the exam. Did I pass or fail? ?! Fortunately, I passed. So happy...
  11. NCLEX re-take process

    Who ever you took your licensure exam for, they should have sent you a follow-up packet via email stating your weak points in the exam, as well as the next steps to re-take the exam. If it's Michigan BON, you need to contact them.
  12. African American Hair Problems in Nursing

    I think the responses regarding to relax the hair for a job interview goes to show the continued bondage of the Black Nation. I'm not releasing the ethnicity I am, because it really doesn't matter when you have a person of color having doubts as to h...
  13. Banned foods in other Countries

    10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating – Infographic Take a look at the link above. Why do you think the US doesn't follow suite like the rest of the other countries? Are they really, like a lot of people are believing, trying to de-populate...
  14. Why are culturally stereotypical behaviors so tolerated?

    @toomuchbalo... re-read the post you're commenting on. Clarity in reading and understanding the content is a must, especially when responding to someone. No one said they didn't teach it ("they may or may not"), LOL!! But those of you who have done ...
  15. Xenex X machine

    Wow.. talking about sanitation problems. . Especially not needed for the OR. Imma look and see if I can find that study.