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i am feeling overwhelming with the studying of the drugs that columbia wanted us to know. i understand knowing the side effects are important. but do they really ask you about drug interaction and the normal amount of dosage for... Read More

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    Hello everyone
    I'm scheduled to take the pharm test soon and I haven't gotten the package they said they would mail yet, so I'm not exactly sure what's included in it. The "guide" that everyone is talking about...does it come in the package? And does anyone know if it's worth buying the book they recommend if you're taking it for the PICU, because I heard that the book is really for the adult population and not peds-focused. I'm SO nervous and don't want to get stuck taking it a 2nd time. I would appreciate an info or advice.

    Thank you!!

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    Hi JP....I too am starting in the PICU! Are you at Cornell or Columbia? How was the test? I take it tommorrow and am so lost!
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    Hey adp I have yet to take the pharm exam and I'm scheduled to take it this coming week. Sorry I for the late response, but I wouldn't have been much help since I still have no idea what it's going to cover lol. I'll be working at the Cornell branch, how about yourself? But I was wondering, since you've taken it yesterday, would you be so kind to let me know what kind of format and if it tests only pediatric meds? I still feel so lost!

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    Hello to all! I'm also a new hire and schedule to take the test by Oct. How did the test go? Where the questions straight to the point? What should I focus on? Anyone have to take it twice?!! Please help, Im so LOST and confused.
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    Hi, ParkSlope! How did you do with the test? Any help/advice would be nice... Im sched to take it in Oct.... hope to hear from you soon.
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    hello, do you know what book might be helpful for the pharm exam?
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    It really all depends on what unit you're hired for. There are three different kinds: General/Adult, Psych, and Peds. Overall, I found to be very helpful.
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    Hello All,

    First off, don't worry too much about this test. Prepare but don't obsess. I bought the recommended book Prentice Hall's Review and Rationals and just did the CD questions. I reviewed what I got wrong and looked up basic drugs such as: Vancomycin, Cardizem, the "Statins," digoxin, lasix, etc. Study categories like.. side effects of calcium channel blockers. I also focused on the sample questions HR gave... some of the same drugs were on the test.

    The new test is 70 questions, but 60 is graded and 10 are experimental.

    Good luck and just have faith that your nursing school has prepared you well !
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    How is the math test at Presbyterian? Is it hard?

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    Hi allnurses
    I need help! I will will be taking the basic proficiency in medication administration exam in 1 week and with my work schedule i dont know how much studing I can get. Does anyone have a study guide??

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