New Grad with two full time jobs in NYC... Being a guy helps?

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    I wasn't really looking for a job because I already have a full job. But one of the top hospitals in NYC called me for an interview and I was like WTH. Everything went well so now I have two full time jobs in the city.

    I honestly feel very fortunate because I do not have any experience and I have two full time jobs as a new grad already. I hear about people taking months to find jobs or having "connections" but maybe I'm just lucky or is it because I'm a guy?

    One hospital I work on ED and the other hospital I work on NICU floor. My question is because I have two full time jobs after one year will it be like me having two years of experience or would it be considered one????

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    Seriously? I think you should give up one of your full time jobs for us new grads who have been looking for ANY job for almost a year lol
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    I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but I really think you should choose one or the other. Both are very high stress areas and being fresh out of school, you really need time to 'get yourself together,' so to speak, get your basics together and your organization down. It's still only going to count as ONE year either way!
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    Two full-time positions as a new grad, in two different, demanding specialties? IMO, you're really setting yourself up for quick burn-out.
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    Personally, I'd either bail on the ED or leverage the NICU experience into the peds ward of a Level 1 peds/adult ED.

    I don't think the Y chromosome has anything to do with it; I know several guys with stories much different than yours.

    Regardless, to your question: You'll have 1 year of each... and probably woudn't qualify for another ED or NICU position with the 2-5 requirement.

    Maybe it's just cuz you're super-duper-awesome and they're wow'd by the fact that you're the third-best player to jump from high school to the NBA. And let's face it, the Knicks need you (despite the fact that you're finally getting old). :-)
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    Having two different jobs in the same year will NOT constitute 2 years of experience. It will simply be recognized as having worked in two different areas of specialty.

    If you can handle working 4-6 days of the week and enjoy the two salaries, why not?

    While I agree that it could lead to burn out, that is highly dependent upon your age, relationship status, children and goals.

    Do what makes you happy.

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    I say do it save the income from one job and live off the other job for approx 2 years if you can last that long with those demanding specialties,then choose a speciality because you cant too two full time jobs forever you will stroke out with the stress. if you dont have no kids and in your twenties i say do it because these are the years to set up your retirement.
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    And these jobs are perfectly flexible with each other? I call BS. At least you made up a question at the end to technically abide by the TOS.
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    I'm curious as to why your question even matters ? If you have a job in the specialty area that you want to work in then what do you care? It's not like your working to gain experience in a broad specialty such as med/surg to move on to a specific specialty down the line. I think the question you should be asking yourself is, which position should you give up?
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    You know how many unemployed new grads are hating you right now? (not me, I have a job already, ONE job)

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