Is NYU's nursing program even good?

  1. i've heard that it was overcrowded, and that the tuition there was expensive as heck. what do you all think? does it have a good nursing program, or are people right? i'm really trying to find some good nursing programs in new york, and i thought nyu would be the best, but i'm not so sure anymore?

    also, i don't even know why i'm considering going to that school, because i don't think they will accept someone with a 3.2 gpa from a community college in georgia.
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  3. by   PacoUSA
    I've heard different stories about NYU, and I myself am on the fence about applying there for next year. Keep doing your research by reading old posts on here and if you can talk with students and alumni. They will not be shy about telling you the truth.
  4. by   bernbabybern820
    I'm sure that NYU is overcrowded and expensive as heck. Doesn't mean that it's a bad school though.
  5. by   guiltysins
    NYU is not a bad school, however just because it has a reputation doesn't mean it is better than other nursing programs in NYC. I wouldn't say it's overcrowded but they have large nursing classes, about 200 students. It will run you about 41K a year without dorming. Some people like to believe that graduating from that school will give you a "leg up" over other schools and from what I've heard it's not true, they don't get jobs any easier. It is a great school but it's not necessarily better than like Hunter or another school you might be considering.

    I go to a different school, my friend chose to leave our school for NYU because she got NYU and didn't want to take the entrance exam at our school. The curriculum is pretty much the same except that our nursing program uses exit HESI's and I don't think NYU does but I'm not sure, professors are good and bad everywhere. She just didn't like that the lecture classes are so big and of course how expensive it is.
  6. by   MariaSaba
    Hey! i am also looking into nyc right now. i herd it anywhere from 200-250 ouch! and clinics are once every 2 weeks
  7. by   CalidthreeN
    Quote from MariaSaba
    Hey! i am also looking into nyc right now. i herd it anywhere from 200-250 ouch! and clinics are once every 2 weeks
    Wow, 200 to 250 students per class, I don't see how anyone can really learn in a class that size. My nursing school had 20 to 30 students per class. It doesn't seem worth it to pay so much money to go to a school where the faculty to student ratio is not conducive to learning. Also, the teachers that teach at NYU also teach at other nursing schools as well because many professors work part time at different schools. Yes, the name is known, but at the same time it's not an ivy league school, so I don't think that choosing a more affordable school would be a setback, if anything you would possibly save thousands of dollars
  8. by   ExpatHopeful
    Just one NYU grad's opinion -

    I just graduated and am happy overall with the experience. Yes, lectures are generally with 100-180 students, but these are lectures where you are memorizing/learning content. This is not material that you need to sit in a small group and discuss your opinions, so I feel the size of these lectures is not an issue. There are still plenty of opportunities to ask questions in class and get help outside of class. In clinicals, where you do want a small class size, there are 5-8 students per instructor and from what I hear this is the same or better than every other nursing school in NYC.

    Yes, NYU is expensive, but there are no wait lists to get in and pre-reqs are minimal. There is financial aid and there are scholarships available too. I don't think your school or gpa is a barrier to getting in, or succeeding.

    I'm not saying NYU is better than other, cheaper NYC schools, because I didn't go to those schools so I really can't compare them. I personally had a good experience at NYU and I think for me that it was worth the money.
  9. by   sarolaRN
    I'm currently looking to transfer schools (I was pre-med, but I've decided med school is not my calling and nursing is much better suited for me!) and I'm looking at NYU as well. It's still my goal, probably mostly because of the reputation but I know Hunter has a tremendous waitlist, and I want to finish my degree and get my career started. Does anyone have any thought on Pace's program?
  10. by   roseynurse345
    I went to NYU for another degree, I think the classes were too large and the cost too high. In fact, I'm linking this article from the Village Voice about NYU, financial aid, and tution. Very interesing and scary read!!
  11. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Though not offically part of the group, NYU has long tried to tie itself to Ivy League schools such as Columbia and Yale or at least compete . Just as with attending the former going to NYU is more than about one's major but the entire college experience and hopefully building personal and other relationships that will serve one well through one's life. Just look at how much of our federal government including elected officals and judges come from the same several colleges.

    NYU's nursing program actually has a higher passing rate than Columbia last year, but by only one percentage point (91% to 90%). compared to Hunter's 75%. The only CUNY BSN to reach 90% was Lehman, so go figure.

    If one's only goal in life is to get through nursing school and pass the boards then quite honestly any decent school will do. However private programs such as NYU offer chances you're probably not going to find at a community or city university. Everything from state of the art nursing arts labs to the ability to study as say NYU Paris, or in the Middle East. Not to mention NYU has that gorgeous Washington Square campus, though lately it does feel like the entire West and parts of the East Village from Union Sqare on down is just one big NYU stomping ground.

    Hunter and all other CUNY nursing programs have huge wait lists because everyone and their mother wants to become a nurse and the City University system offers the cheapest way to reach that goal. Furthermore Hunter and Lehman are the only CUNY schools that offer undergrad BSN degrees. If one is a NYC resident without deep pockets to afford a private school like NYU,the obvious choice is Hunter or another CUNY program.
  12. by   Purdue725
    I am currently a student at NYU and will be finishing my degree this coming May. I was also hesitant to attend NYU back in Jan 2011 due to the costs but I must say that I do not have any regrets. Its a good program and has a great reputation in NYC as well as all over the US. Luckily, I was able to fund my education by taking loans through Wells Fargo and I am hoping to join HRSA or the Army Corps to help me pay off my loans.

    As far as the program goes, it has some really good and smart instructors. Plus if you have any concerns and you feel that you are not getting what you want, then you can definitely speak up and NYU does listen and work with you to make sure you get what you want. The negatives are that we dont get enough clinical experience we want but thats still OK cause ultimately, you are learning the skills you need when you are at the hospital or when you are in simulation.

    Yes there are cheaper routes such as Hunter or other CUNY schools but do you really want to wait to get an admission or do you want to just get in and get your degree so you can start working and earning? Think about the opportunity costs...Also I think that everyone these days are going into health care for job security which is understandable due to current circumstances in the US but the industry is getting flooded by people who are not genuine and are not passionate about nursing itself. Which I think is super disappointing...I personally am passionate about Nursing and my specialization is the elderly population in this country. Unfortunately, most people in nursing school do not want to work with the elderly that saddens me because they are in dire need for help..

    So think hard and be honest to yourself why you want to do nursing and what are the reasons for you to go into nursing. Its not easy and its definitely a lot of hard work. Dealing with 8-10 patients in 10-12 hour shifts can be super exhausting and can burn you out, due to that, question yourself, can I do this? is this for me?

    And if you decide on attending NYU, I say its a good decision you are making...yes its not perfect but then no school is and will you get the education you need and require, yes you will. Matter of fact, I have had such a good experience, that I have been admitted to the Masters program at NYU. Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions..
  13. by   spade11
    You can learn in a class that big. (Though the number may not be for everyone) You have some great teachers. Don't be intimidated by the number. Also, if you have a question--ask it. I promise you someone else is thinking it. Email the professor if necessary--go to the class early to ask a question directly to the professor if you don't want to talk in front of a lot of people.

    The professors I had at NYU teach at NYU. There was never a conflict AT ALL with getting in touch with any of my professors at any point in time. In fact, I still keep in touch with them and I graduated over two years ago.

    Honestly, it's your personality and what environment you think would be most conducive for YOU to learn.
  14. by   binggrad
    Purdue725 or cmr4188: I'm starting NYU's accelerated BSN this fall and had some questions regarding the program. What did you think of the simulation lab? And did the school offer services or help you in finding a job in any way?