Survey: Would you pay $43,000 to a College to become an RN in 22 months?

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    I want to become a nurse just like most of you. I am considering Apollo but the price scares me!! It's super fast:spin:!! It'll be great to be done in 22 months. What do you guys think?

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    That's awful expensive for the same length of time as a traditional ADN program. I say no way, jose!! That's breakin the bank..I went to a private college for my Associate Degree...lived in the dorms too, and didn't pay half that much.
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    I originally considered going to Touro which is also very expensive. The upside to Touro was that since I already have a Bacherlors, I would end up with a Masters. Ultimately I have decided that I want to go where I think I will get the best education and be best prepared for passing the NCLEX. If you aren't prepared for that test, it doesn't matter where you're degree is from because you won't get a job. After talking to many people, I am convinced that CSN has one of the best programs and will be happy without a student loan in the end. Good luck on your decision.
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    I wouldn't pay it. You should call around to potential employers and find out if they would hire you, if you graduated from that school, or any other like it. I've heard some people have had problems with that.
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    i would never pay it.. it's just to much. i gradauted from ccsn now csn program and passed boards the first time taking it. i am now a RN and very happy i went through that program. it's a school thats tried and true and has a reputation of high boards passing rate.the teachers are great and you learn alot. i loved the program and had no trouble w/ the program at all.. good luck in your choice.
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    Yup it does sound steep. Thanks for the input!! I want to become a nurse so bad that I kinda want to apply for the loan to get into the program. But with interest rates the way they are, the loan amount will increase.
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    No. I wouldn't pay that much. The only way I would consider carrying that much tuition is if the program is prestigious and could help me when applying to grad school (like Johns Hopkins). After 3 years of prereq's I am attending Nevada State College this fall. I already have a BA and MS so I'll be doing the 1 year accelerated program and graduate next Fall with a BSN. It'll cost me about $9000. If you want to do the ADN I would recommend CSN. They have the best pass rates in southern nevada, an established program, and great teachers. It's a very respected degree and you won't have issues getting a job. And it only takes 2 years also. It would probably cost less to even look at ADN programs in other parts of Nevada. I mean you have to look at living expenses also. That $40,000 quickly becomes $65000 after two years of living expenses.

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    i loved ccsn or csn.. the program was great.. how long will take for apollo to get fully accredited? and what would happen to the people in the program if they donot get accredited? can they transfer their credits to another school? it seems a big chance to take .. i have a friend that graduates in april .. she will be the first class to take her boards.. she is very smart i hope all goes well for her
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    I haven't heard much on Apollo -- just that it is not yet accredited. But that may change after the first graduating class.

    Either way, I could not fathom paying that much money toward my nursing degree. UNLV's accelerated BSN program is 16 months and I pay roughly $2000 a semester for tuition.

    There are a few advantages of schools such as Apollo and USN. The two major advantages are that they are basically accepting anyone who applies (no wait list), and along the same lines is that although they require certain G.P.A.'s and grades in certain courses, they are accepting students that have a difficult time getting into CSN, UNLV, & NSC (those 3 schools in southern nevada are the most competitive - CSN probably the most competitive followed by UNLV and CSN). But the flip side is that you are paying outrageous tuition prices.
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    Quote from parkingmanager
    I want to become a nurse just like most of you. I am considering Apollo but the price scares me!! It's super fast:spin:!! It'll be great to be done in 22 months. What do you guys think?
    I was debating that same question also. I finally decided to pay the money and go for it. My reasoning????? I have been working part time trying to get my prereqs done. By the time I get accepted into the program at CSN I will have to retake my Biol 189 because it will be to old. I have to pay for my own medical insurance because I only work part time now. With the money I have lost by working part time and paying for insurance for the last 1.5 years It just about equals the $43000 that Apollo costs. I have 2 kids to support as a single mom and the quicker I finish the quicker I can make more money. You apply for grants and loans also so that helps. I got about $8000 in grants and the rest in loans which you dont start paying back until 6 monts after graduation. To me it made more sense to take the plunge but everyone has a different situation.
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