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Took nclex 9 times

  1. 0 Please I need advice before taking nclex again I don't know what else to do I did everything. I've been trying to pass nclex for the past 4 years. Please if anyone have suggestions please let me know.
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    What have you tried in the past?
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    Hire an amazing tutor.... Even potentially find an NLN accredited program and try to restart school again.

    9 times is so much. Is it possible there are self-defeating factors at work?
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    Ive tried kaplan, saunders, feuer review, readytopass review, new jersey review. Tutoring, study with a buddy, prayer studying with other nurses, I did over 4, 000 review questions.
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    Libran I am not going back to school I have a Bachelors degree in nursing.
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    Have you considered a refresher course?
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    I don't even know what else to advise you. It seems you have tried everything. Do you know why you are failing? Is it content? Or is it the style of questions? Or do you get too nervous? 9 times seems like a lot. There has to be a specific reason for not being able to pass at this point. Try to figure out what it is and you can then fix it.
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    Have you considered Hurst? It's really good at teaching content.
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    I know my content and I did a lot of review class. I dont need review I know content maybe not answering right.
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    O ok it's this guy in my area that teaches a class on test strategies & in our current class we all repeat test takers. One person tested for the 8th time Saturday & passed. The teacher has no nursing background he just teaches strategy. I'm the only person left to test. Maybe you can find someone to help with strategy if content isn't your problem.
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    What area is that
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    Im in NY