Taking NCLEX Valentine's Day <3

  1. 0 Prayers would be greatly appreciated! I'm ready to get this over with!
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    You are in my prayers, you should be relaxing tonight. Don't worry you got this. Good luck
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    GOOD LUCK! You will be fine.
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    even though it's random, maybe the nclex gods will give you heart questions....good luck, u got it
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    May GODbless you!
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    Best of luck!!
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    Ended with 75 questions! I'm too scared to try the trick!
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    Quote from mshessle
    Ended with 75 questions! I'm too scared to try the trick!
    Try the trick, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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    I got the good pop-up!!!!!!! Fingers crossed I won't be disappointed 48 hrs from now!
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    CONGRATS!!!!! for the good pop up!!!!
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    Way to go. I'm desperately waiting for my 48 hours to be up. PVT is great but I still don't believe I passed. Congrats!
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    Congrats Cupid Nurse.....

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