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PinkNBlue has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Obstetrics.

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  1. Wow. I would LOVE it if I could hire a male for our unit. I wish someone would apply! LOL! Good for you!!
  2. I’m sorry to hear that!! What exactly is it that you dread?
  3. PinkNBlue

    Made the dumbest mistake last night!

    Oh girl, don't beat yourself up. Seriously. You realize what you should have done, the patient is ok and it made you aware that rest is very important to ensure safe patient care. It could have been a much worse mistake, especially running on fumes. As for people talking about you... unfortunately on our units, with the ridiculous amounts of estrogen and women who have nothing better to talk about, it may be the topic for now. But it'll fade soon. And any nurse should realize that this could happen to any of us, at any time. Go back and be the awesome nurse you are.
  4. PinkNBlue

    Infant Phototherapy/Bilibeds

    Hi all. Right now, we treat our infants with phototherapy while they're in an isolette. We are looking at more 'family friendly' ways to treat this population of infants. 99% of the time, the infants stay in the nursery under the lights and are taken back to mom for feedings. We're looking into omitting the isolette and using a bilibed, like the Natus neoBLUE, that just sits in the crib. Some of the concerns from the nurses are, maintaining the baby's temperature since it's not in the isolette. If you use the bilibed, have you had issues with cold babies? I've used non-isolette phototherapy set ups at another hospital, and don't remember having temp issues. Any info would be awesome!! Looking forward to hearing what ya'll do for these phototherapy babies! Thanks!!
  5. PinkNBlue

    Delaying the newborn bath

    Thank you guys! It's going to be a big challenge I can already tell. We get such grief from some of the nurses who've been there for ages already, if a parent requests to delay the bath currently. Frustrating. I appreciate everyone's input!
  6. PinkNBlue

    Delaying the newborn bath

    Cayenne, thank you SO much for that information. I think that will be extremely beneficial in the roll out of this new initiative. I greatly appreciate your input. The culture of the unit is very negative, which is so upsetting to me. It's all about what's best for the nurses when really, this needs to be about the patient and their experience. It's not about us. prnqday, sure! I'll attach some articles here. UNRAVELING THE MYSTERY OF VERNIX CASEOSA http://www.who.int/maternal_child_adolescent/documents/guidelines-recommendations-newborn-health.pdf (page 4) “Wait for Eight”: Improvement of Newborn Outcomes by the Implementation of Newborn Bath Delay - Lipka - 2
  7. PinkNBlue

    Delaying the newborn bath

    Can I get some information on what you do at your facility regarding bathing the newborn? How did staff react? I know majority of the research states to delay the newborn bath 12-24 hours. We are looking into delaying the bath as well (currently we bathe approximately 2 hours after delivery, unless parents request to wait). I'm already seeing (and hearing) pushback and it hasn't even been instituted or really talked about much yet. The culture on this unit is very "this is what we've always done". Thanks! I appreciate any info!!
  8. PinkNBlue

    IV fluids after C/S, am I wrong???

    I completely agree. I've worked in OB for many years and this is how "it's always been done". It's definitely a culture thing. We do have sections that have just adequate output so I'm always leary to discontinue the fluids (usually low due to Duramorph etc). I work in a unit where the culture is exactly this way and it's hard (very very hard) to change. And I understand how frustrating that is.
  9. PinkNBlue

    Newborn Babies Care

    Is this real life? 😳
  10. Yes for sure NRP.
  11. PinkNBlue

    AWHONN Staffing Guidelines Please check this out:

    Holy cow 😳
  12. PinkNBlue

    Possible 36 week delivery, hospital has no NICU

    Awww best wishes to you and your new little bundle. I've seen 35-36 weekers do awesome and 41 weekers need more help. It all depends on the situation and how well baby tolerates everything. Best wishes and prayers you make it to your section!
  13. PinkNBlue

    Which hospital to work for?

    Exactly cd. Take the opportunity to do something you love while the opportunity still exists. :)
  14. PinkNBlue

    I really want to quit my job....

    I think I need to listen to the advice I'm about to give you lol but I agree and think you should wait a bit longer before you make a decision. I recently went to a different hospital altogether (started last week) and am pretty homesick for my old unit. I feel like a fish out of water and wanted to quit today. People say it takes about 6 months to start feeling comfortable in a new environment and 1 yr to really feel good about it. That's a bit daunting to think about so I'm just going to go one month at a time. 😁 Good luck to you!
  15. PinkNBlue

    Which hospital to work for?

    Do what you want. Truly. I was so sick of hearing people tell me to "go get experience" rather than what my passion is. Life is too short to hate going to work, especially if you have a choice. Good luck with your decision!
  16. PinkNBlue

    Admitting newborn at the bedside

    Awesome. Thanks everyone!!