Taking NCLEX Valentine's Day <3 - page 2

Prayers would be greatly appreciated! I'm ready to get this over with!... Read More

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    Way to go. I'm desperately waiting for my 48 hours to be up. PVT is great but I still don't believe I passed. Congrats!
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    Congrats Cupid Nurse.....
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    Congrats you passed
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    I took mine on Valentine's Day 5 years ago.
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    Good luck, from the new kid on the block Find out so you can celebrate
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    Congrats on the good pop up! I took mine this morning. Walked out in 78 questions and now am trying to do the trick on PVT but it keeps telling me that my entry is invalid. I got my degree from canada and it cant pull up my nursing school! Soooo frustrating! My nerves are getting the best of me.
    Any suggestions on how to solve this??
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    Just took my exam today at 1:00pm, went home and got the good pop-up! I am still skeptical lol...stopped at 75qs with LOTS of select-all-that-apply questions...i tried to register for the quick results and for some reason I can't...i go to current activity and it shows my exam date but it wont let me click on it or anything to pay for quick results....any thoughts?
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    It won't let me either. Maybe we have to wait for them to get the results before we can pay to see them.

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