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  1. Can Anybody share your experiences as a LPN in your 1st job?

    Alright, I was on orientation at a LTC facility... then one day I walked in and I was on the floor all by my lonesome. No heads up or anything. 23 residents, Did my first check to make sure everyone was alive and made sure that the TF, caths, floor ...
  2. Just Giving ya'll an update

    Excellent... congrats... you sound happy and thats the way it should be in the profession that you love.
  3. Preceding Nurse Never Completes her work

    Just reading all this great info. But how can you go through the MAR of all the patients.. time consuming eh? Can you come in early for your shift just to do a quick walk through and see what is not up to par?
  4. Who did you lean on??

    Well, my kids are grown and I started late in life in my LPN career. My husband was the man.... made my lunch every day, dinner @ nite and he new that he would not be my main focus for one year. If you plannned this together knowing that you would be...
  5. LPN duties in LTC

    OMG, I just passed boards on Feb. 6, was on the way to the gym, thought I would swing by and pick up an application at this LTC real close to my house. Before you know it, I'm interviewing (in my workout cloths) and I start orientation on the 28th......
  6. New LPN starting Correctional job tomorrow! HELP!

    Well, I would have to say, never turn your back and always keep eye contact with the patients. They are in there for a reason, so keep an eye on your instruments. Be professional and be confident you are going to be great! I agree no personal info ju...
  7. Taking NCLEX Valentine's Day <3

    Good luck, from the new kid on the block:yeah: Find out so you can celebrate
  8. New grad LPN just got offered a job at an ALF help!

    It sounds like a full plate to me, as I just passed the NCLEX last week. I will not risk my NEW license. To start off as running the whole show may be a bit overwhelming. I had an interview the very day I passed, with a home care business with 2 pati...
  9. any one fail nclex lpn with 85 question

    Hey I know how you feel, I just took my nclex on friday and it shut off at 85, I had a ton of multiple choice questions. I have to wait until Tuesday to find out. But everyone I talk to tells me that I'm sure you passed, be positive hang in there.