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  1. cschoppe

    theraputic phlebotomy

    I work at an outpatient oncology clinic where we give chemo, iron infusions, IVIG, etc. We have several patients who recieve therapeutic phlebotomies on a regular basis. Our protocol is to watch them for 30min after the procedure and provide them w/ juice, water, crackers, etc. if need be
  2. cschoppe

    New Grad Med Surg Nurse Freaking Out!

    Wow 6-7 patients? I couldnt imagine that ratio, I am in a GN internship on a med-surg floor and our ratio is 1-4...very rarely is it 5 pts...this is my 3rd week on the floor on orientation and I am taking 3 out of the 4 of my preceptors patients. I very rarely have down-time but I get everything done including charting...I must admit I prefer for it to be busy, I like to stay active :) Hope everything worked out for you, I have found my internship very helpful so far (thank goodness for an AWESOME preceptor)...my internship is 3 months long and intern graduation is May 7! I feel ready already...it was also helpful that I did clinicals my last semester of nursing school this past fall before graduation so I was pretty familiar w/ the way things worked there. I find it helpful to get to work early and print out handoff reports and list all my pts meds by time 0900, 1100, 1300, etc and then as I pull them from the pixis i put a dot next to them and then when they are given to the pt I check them off and then I put a list of new orders at the end of each pts page and will mark those off as they are done. we also have computers at the bedside and so i chart right then and there as i am assessing the pt and chatting w/ them in the AM so that kind of helps.
  3. So not going to be helping the situation any but here goes...graduated dec. 15 2011, had a job on nov. 24th 2011 BEFORE graduation...pending passing HESI and NCLEX of course but both are done and I've been working a med-surg internship since Jan. 30...
  4. cschoppe

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took my test on 2/14 and did the PVT trick and I got the good pop-up, less than 2 days later before I could pay for the PearsonVue quick results, my BON for my state posted my RN-license #....for any of u worry-worts out there, the PVT is 100% accurate, if u got the good pop-up go and celebrate :)
  5. cschoppe

    This wait may kill me.

    The PVT does work, just got my results today on the TX Board of Nursing website (before Pearsonvue quick results were available) and I took nclex on 2/14 and got the good pop-up and now it's offical :)
  6. cschoppe

    This wait may kill me.

    I hear y'all...waiting on Thursday...I don't necessarily trust the PVT even though I kinda am already celebrating lol...hoping I'm not jinxing myself haha
  7. cschoppe

    Taking NCLEX Valentine's Day <3

    Just took my exam today at 1:00pm, went home and got the good pop-up! I am still skeptical lol...stopped at 75qs with LOTS of select-all-that-apply questions...i tried to register for the quick results and for some reason I can't...i go to current activity and it shows my exam date but it wont let me click on it or anything to pay for quick results....any thoughts?
  8. cschoppe

    Lonestar Spring 2012 Hopefuls

    Hi everyone, I graduated from Cy-fair on Dec. 15th...it is possible to do this lol...and I GOT a job at Methodist Willowbrook so it is possible to do that too...anyhoo, I have lots of nursing school books that are up for grabs, including several care plan books that are general comprehensive care plan books and I have a peds one as well as a maternity one. If anyone is interested let me know. The only books I plan to save are my fundamentals book as well as med-surg.
  9. cschoppe


    Graduate nurse...am hired without have taken nclex yet, (am waiting on the board of nursing to send my authorization to test).... when you graduate you get a GN permit from the board which covers you to practice on the floor until you take and pass NCLEX
  10. cschoppe


    Well I am a GN and am set up to do a med-surg internship at a hospital starting Jan. 30 and I can say that I will be getting paid the same rate as a RN-1 and also will receive benefits from day one. My internship lasts 3 months and afterwards I am guarranteed a position as a RN-1.
  11. cschoppe

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    Well I am a certified 'newbie' to med-surg. I graduate NS this Thursday (Dec. 15th) and have accepted a position for a GN internship on a med-surg floor. I will be an 'intern' for approx. 3 months and then when I pass my NCLEX, will be labeled as a RN. I did clinicals at this hospital and absolutely loved it, although I thought I'd never see myself in med-surg, I am looking forward to the experience because: the morale/working environment is AMAZING, staff is always happy, 4-1 nurse/pt. ratio, I get to apply EVERYTHING I learned in NS in med-surg, and this is where I expect to hone in on my skills, time mgmt, etc. Can't wait :)
  12. cschoppe

    I am DONE :)

    I keep thinking, "Ok I need to study...there's something I'm missing, etc." I am done and it doesn't feel real...these past 2 years have been non-stop and now it's like STOP lol...really? It's ok for me to play farmville instead of studying lab values and doing case studies? I am going to take a break for a bit and let my brain recouperate and then will start preparing for boards. I start my job on Jan. 30, so I have plenty of time.
  13. cschoppe

    I am DONE :)

    Congratulations! I just took the exit HESI today and passed woot woot! My pinning ceremony is next Thursday and I have a job as a GN for a med-surg internship! Life can't get any better :)
  14. cschoppe

    Winter 2011 GN positions/interviews in Houston, TX

    I got a call from Methodist Willowbrook on the 23rd, offering me a GN position for their med-surg unit starting on Jan. 30. I hadn't really applied, I was asked by the nursing director of med-surg while I was doing clinicals there this semster to call HR and from there on I got an interview on Nov. 14th. I graduate Dec. 15th with an ADN but already have a previous bachelor's degree. I am so excited! What a load off!
  15. cschoppe

    Fall 2012 hopefuls-lsc

    lonestar cy fair? if so, i barely made it in back in jan. 2010 w/ an 11.489
  16. cschoppe

    Who's graduating this semester?

    My pinning ceremony is in December :yeah:Hard to believe that it's sooo close! We finish up clinicals a bit early in November and then have that time to prepare for Hesi and NCLEX in January. I am planning to take the Hurst Review course in December to prepare for NCLEX. Congrats to everyone who has survived and THRIVED!