Reschedule NCLEX-RN?!!

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    Ok so I recently graduated (4/5/13) and our school required us to get at least a 90% predicted probability on our ATI Comprehensive Predictor OR completion of a certain % of VATI. Well the 1st comp predictor I took I only got an 89% so I enrolled in VATI & began working on that. Then 4/22/13 I took another comp predictor at my school and got a 97%! The school released my certificate of completion and I scheduled my test date for 5/28/13 because I still wanted to finish VATI. Well I finished all the VATI subjects this past weekend and took yet another comp predictor via my VATI coach...BUT this time I only got an 89% AGAIN!!! Now I am so disappointed and I don't know if I should reschedule my test date or if I should keep 5/28 as my date...any advice?!!?

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    I say keep it and stop studying a few days before the test.
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    What is VATI if l may ask please. Your scores are high and l will go for it if l were you
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    Thanks Bruce... I am thinking the same and mainly because the next test dates are so far out... I feel like it may worse waiting longer.

    VATI is the Virtual ATI, a study tool for NCLEX where you review learning activities, take practice assessments in each category (Pharm, Med Surg, OB/Peds, etc), and based on your score you either remediate or progress. In the end there is a comprehensive predictor that your coach gives you and based on that score it gives you a predicted probability of your passing the NCLEX on the first try. If you do not get a high enough score you remediate for an additional two weeks and retake it.
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    In my own opinion an 89% predicted pass rate is fantastic. 1% difference is statistically insignificant, if you take a 100question test and misread 1 question wrong and get an 89 instead of a 90 does that mean you don't know the information?

    Also if someone told me that if I rolled a 100 sided dice and I rolled a 1-89 I passed and 90-100 I failed I would roll that dice and If I misrolled, I would study harder and roll it again later.
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    Keep your date. The longer you wait, the quicker you forget the information. Good luck!
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    Well I am going to keep my date...I'm planning on spending the weekend doing more ATI and also reading my Kaplan Strategies book...I will let everyone know how it goes Tuesday!
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    Well to update everyone I took my test today and failed...tried the PVT and it took me to the CC screen...I'm so disappointed in myself...I don't even know if I want to retake the test at this point.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, don't give up
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    don't give up! try the lacharity book! i am scheduled to take my nclex-rn next wednesday and i think it is helping me. i am using hurst review, lacharity, and exam cram (which is written by pearson!!) you made it through nursing school, now you just have to pass this one last test. you can do it!

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