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  1. Emmi7

    WGU Feb 1st

    I am starting 2/01 too! Good luck!
  2. Emmi7

    Transcript Evaluation

    Update: they received my transcript 10/28 & they completed and emailed the evaluation on 11/3. I have to complete 48 CUs!!!!
  3. Emmi7

    Transcript Evaluation

    Hi, I am enrolling at WGU for the RN-BSN program and I was wondering how long it took for transcripts to be reviewed or an average timeframe... I received an email 2 days ago saying they had been received but there was no timeframe as to when I should expect the evaluation to be done. Thanks!
  4. Indiana Graduated April 2013 Passed NCLEX 7/18/14 Began applying for jobs 1st week in August 2014 and had 1st interview with a LTCF/Rehab 8/20/14, got the job!! I also have 2 more interviews this upcoming week both at LTCFs. I think I sent out my resume/applied for over 50 positions!
  5. Emmi7

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    IN $23.00 on days 7-3p No experience -ASN LTCF
  6. Emmi7

    Good pop or not??? Help!!!!!

  7. Emmi7

    the good or bad pop up

    Congrats!!! You passed! My pop up did not tell me to contact the board either!
  8. My pop up didn't tell me to contact the board either and 48 hours later I got my quick results PASS!! The next day at around 9am the state posted my license!
  9. Emmi7

    Just took NCLEX did pearson vue got good pop up

    I got the same pop up Friday and I passed! CONGRATS!!!
  10. I was so terrified today to check my friend had to do it for me lol!! I'm sure you passed so CONGRATS to you too!!!
  11. Also ***update*** I got my quick results today....PASS!!!! Thanks to everyone on this site that helped me!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! & @Tas1987 I think the first time I didn't take things as seriously as I should've, I graduated and I got "ok" scores using ATI but I didn't do anythibg extra. 2nd time I really studied, redid ATI, and read the 35 pg study guide a couple of times, I read this the day before and even the day of my test. I also read and did the practice test from the Kaplan Strategies book. I honestly wish I would've had more time to use both my PDA book and the yellow Saunders book, I probably would've passed with less questions:)
  13. Emmi7


    Congrats!!!! So happy you got your results!!
  14. So today I took the NCLEX-RN! I was scheduled for 12:30p and I arrived at 11:30a, they allowed me to begin at around 11:45a. I got all 265 questions, last test I believe I got 180. Anyway had mostly prioritization, delegation, and infection control questions, I got 4 or 5 ECG questions, no math, a lot of pharm (including herbal meds) and 2 or 3 drag and drop. As far as SATA I had quite a few but I didn't actually keep track. Ok so I got to my car at around 3:20p and tried to do the trick, it kept saying "Ready for Delivery" so I pulled off and then drove to another parking lot down the street (idk why pretty sure my brain wasn't working) finally it said "Delivery Successful" & I tried to re-register and I got the "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled your exam..." pop up! I am scared to become too excited because I read that there is a 2nd scoring and people's good pop up was not accurate. I'm anxious to know how long I will have to wait since I tested on a Friday!
  15. Emmi7

    VATI Scores...testing Friday

    Thanks! I will continue going over it. I just took the comprehensive practice and got a 69.3% ...so I am pretty sure my coach won't be giving me the predictor tomorrow. Either way idk if I want to take it the day before I test anyway lol!
  16. Emmi7

    VATI Scores...testing Friday

    Yeah my school was Pro VATI and ATI last year and apparently they've switched to Kaplan...I think I may read through the rationales and maybe take the the comprehensive practice just to see how I do and then focus on the 35 page study guide. ...and you are very welcome!