Quick results ??

  1. I tried looking for the link for quick results on the Pearson Vue website when I log into my account but it doesn't give me that option. It only says "delivery successful" under status and has a magnifying glass under details. No link to click for quick results. Am I looking in the wrong place? I took my test yesterday at 8am.
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  3. by   SWM2009
    It is too soon. If I recall correctly, you need to wait at least 48 hours. Plus the holiday may make that wait even longer.
  4. by   adreamdeferred
    48 business hours. Sorry.
  5. by   grneyz083
    Yeah but the Pearson site said the link would be there whether the results were available or not. It said to click on it and if the results were available then you'd be taken to a page to pay and if they weren't you wouldn't have the option to pay.
  6. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    You must wait 48 hours from your scheduled exam start time, not the end of the exam... I tested on Friday, 5/30 at 2pm and the quick results option popped up Sunday 6/1 at 2:01pm.

  7. by   runsalot
    48 hours. Not business hours. Tested on Friday. My quick results were ready on Sunday.
  8. by   rob4546
    The link wont be there until the results are available.
  9. by   PennyS
    Check now! My quick results showed up this morning. Took it Wed at 8am....passed!
  10. by   eerrmm
    Congrats, Penny!!! That's awesome! You're giving me hope.
  11. by   AllInRN
    When results are available, the link will show up.
  12. by   PennyS
    Sorry...I meant I took it Thursday @ 8am so it truly is 48 hours.
  13. by   grneyz083
    Thanks everyone! It showed up this morning. Not going to pay the extra $8 for it though. I did the PVT again since they obviously know whether I passed or not. Good pop up again. That's good enough for me. Since I figure if I didn't pass I would've been allowed to register again. Hopefully my license will be on the BON or my States license website Monday.
  14. by   shayk16
    It wont pop up until available (48 hours). Good luck!