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  1. WhoDatWhoDare

    Hovermatt Policy

    Following.. I'm leading a trial in my OR to implement a lateral transfer device like this or the Sage Prevalon MATS.
  2. WhoDatWhoDare

    Implementing a Safety/No pass zone

    Ansell makes products to make implementing this easier. Look into their products and reach out to their rep. They can help you address some of the concerns you list.
  3. WhoDatWhoDare

    Help Solve OR Burn Mystery!!

    Is there a possible grounding issue with the bed, creating a faulty ground return? Usually the bovie would detect that and alarm, but I'm just throwing stuff against the wall here... can you check the records and see if the same bed has been moving around your OR and ended up in all these cases?
  4. WhoDatWhoDare

    Perioperative new grad residencies

    There are. Be sure to apply to all, be flexible in location (if your personal life allows), practice interviews questions, and be aware that some require a mininum commitment and contract
  5. WhoDatWhoDare

    Proximal humerus fracture positioning

    Here is one that should come with an IFU... Duraclear™ Arm & Hand Table 12" x 3
  6. WhoDatWhoDare

    Proximal humerus fracture positioning

    We have the plexiglas. Wouldn't it be in everyone's interest to just source the plexiglas for use in this surgeon's cases, add it to the preference card, and move on to bigger issues?
  7. WhoDatWhoDare

    Preceptor Refusal

    I believe if you think it was appropriate to call your lead, then it was. You're a student/orientee and still learning but.... I don't necessarily believe your preceptor was in the wrong either... It all depends on a relationship you've built while under this preceptor and your exposure to increasingly more complex cases during your training. You mention that you're nearing the end of your 12 week orientation, but how near? 8 out of 12 in the books, or 11 out of 12? This could make a difference in my perception of the events as you've told it. Further, has this been your preceptor for some time or was this the first time they've seen you in action? Based on their response to you voicing concern, it seems they were confident you could critically think through any obstacles and knew they'd be there if you needed more. From experience, I'll tell you that you'll be competent before you feel confident. You would've wanted to see the positioning, the prep (abdomen down to toes, circumferentially around the legs, the position the bed to the back table for your rooms setup, the placement of lines to know what timing before the actual incision can be expected, perform the timeout so you address items like blood products in the room, what is the expected length of the case, etc. The timing of going to lunch when these were occurring is a missed opportunity for you. Lastly, you stated that your preceptor was going to let you go pseudo solo... that they'd be outside the room. Hopefully that meant they were literally outside the room, and not out of the OR on a coffee break. This makes some difference too. In the end, there needs to be a debrief between you and your preceptor... A way for you two to address your concerns and for them to give you feedback (good, bad, or otherwise). Good luck.
  8. WhoDatWhoDare

    Glasses with masks

    There are masks that are designed for use with glasses... some have a tacky/sticky strip that seals along the bridge of your nose, others have an extra strip of film to stop the transfer. In our facility, these are green colored.
  9. WhoDatWhoDare

    HELP! New Grad hired in OR!

    Did you get hired in to a ASC? I'm in a large level 1 trauma center, and we don't orient or train new RNs into preop or PACU..
  10. WhoDatWhoDare

    DNP vs Health administration

    I've seen DNP be in leadership positions in my hospital.
  11. WhoDatWhoDare

    What chloraprep does everyone use?

    We use the various sizes depending on the patient and the location of the prep.... the large 26ml used for large preps such as abdomen, and smaller 10ml for neck preps... the untinted are used on new borns where risk of permanent "tatooing" could occur. Most people who prefer betadine over chloroprep like it because no alcohol to wait dry, so technically they can start draping sooner... many benefits of using chloroprep though. Have a rep come in service your team to increase buy in
  12. WhoDatWhoDare

    Training for experienced nurses

    Our facility allocates 90 days orientation for experienced RNs, but they usually get off much sooner than allocated.
  13. What you're doing now is how I've always been taught to do... sorry to give you the bad news One correction is we do change out the trash bags if they're full, but leave them in the room.
  14. WhoDatWhoDare

    Any CSSM credentialed folks in here?

    I'm looking for sources for the requisite contact hours. Any have leads?
  15. WhoDatWhoDare

    Operating Room job offer - Santa Clara, Bakersfield or Las Vegas

    I'm guessing they didn't call you out of the blue to make a stranger an offer, but rather you applied to each location after doing some research on them. What factors did you use to select these locations to form your decision to apply to them in the first place? You didn't post much besides their offered pay. I'll say the obligatory "pay isn't everything... blah, blah, blah" stuff, and now you share some details about what led you to apply to those places. Without more details, this post just comes across as gloating about the actual pay rate.
  16. WhoDatWhoDare

    How long to keep paper records of nightly checks?

    I would think your facility would have a policy regarding records disposition. If anyone would know I'd think it would be your legal department.