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the pearsonvue thread is well over 1000 pages and 10,000 posts long. the original thread (part 1) is now closed. here is a continuation of the same topic (part 2) with the following links: part 1 (the original thread)-- ... Read More

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    where do i look at on the state board of nursing for the incense?
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    Quote from mas22
    where do i look at on the state board of nursing for the incense?
    Look for the link on your state Board website that says something like "license verification". Should not be difficult to find.
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    Quote from jen012 I am getting the "good" pop up but I feel there is NO way this can be right. I took the test today and it shut off at 75 questions. I feel like I did terrible on the test. I honestly guessed at the majority of the questions and thought it was extremely difficult. I am, of course, praying that you guys are all right!!! I will let you know when I find out!
    I also just got the good pop up and also believe there is NO WAY!! I was sick to my stomach when I tried it. I sure hope it is right and I had a TERRIBLE feeling about the test. Took it yesterday; It was so much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I graduated from a very tough school that to this date has 100% pass rate on the exam, and I did well there; but .... I was SURE I had failed. It was just a big blur when I left the building and I began feeling sick and knew I had failed. I hope this trick works..... so hopeful I passed. Good Luck to all of us!!!!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I took NCLEX-RN on June 22, 2010 at 10 am in CA. I have 265 Questions: about 25++ SATA, alot +++priorities, 4 deligateion, alot medication, infection control too.

    I when home do the trick right away I got a good pop up, then I do the trick in 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, and 5hr still have a good pop up.

    Today June 25, 2010 at 3:30 am, I see my name on Ca board. The trick is work for me. Good luck to everybody.
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    I took the NCLEX yesterday, June 24th at 12:30. I got 143 questions and when i saw question 76 appear, my heart dropped and I wanted to leave right there.

    I got home and tried the PVT, my main page said, "awaiting delivery", or something like that. PVT does NOT work until it says "delivery successful". I got the good pop-up. Now just waiting until tomorrow to see if it is really true! If you need any advice, just PM me!

    Best of luck to all!
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    I took mine yesterday as well. I got 75 questions and 19 of them were sata....I am hoping that is a good sign. I also got the good popup with the pearson vue trick.
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    Quote from mas22
    where do i look at on the state board of nursing for the incense?
    license verification
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    Quote from wannabeanurse!
    I am praying to god every second that I passed!!
    I feel the same way wannabenurse. I took the nclex yesterday. The compute shut off after 2hrs at 75questions (Im a slow test taker). I got a good pop up, but im worry because i did not see my name on the BON website. Some of my classmates that took the exam yesterday was on the BON website already. Im praying that I pass.
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    I'm hoping that this PVT holds true for me as well Took Nclex today and received the "good pop-up" shortly thereafter. Quick results aren't quick enough:/
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    Guys. Its true! 5mins After I wrote the previous msg, I check the BON... and my name showed up. Im officially an RN now! Im very happy!
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